I hacked my husband

A few days ago, my husband complained of not having anything to write on when his parishoners call him on his cell when in the car. I asked him what he thought he thought he needed. He said something to write on, that was hard enough to jot on when on his thigh but small enough that it would fit in the sunglasses slot on the dashboard where he keeps a pencil already. I asked him if he minded if I gave it a thought. I measured. I thought of how he thinks and works. I tried to find a solution. Despite what I thought would be his objections, I slapped a few 3x5 index cards together with a clip and it fit right in. He was pleased. No objections. Yesterday, my husband got two calls and wrote them down on it. He was pleased.

So this morning, I pointed out to him that a small stack to index card held together by a clip is the very basic hPDA. He objected. He said that I had not managed to convert him to the hPDA. That rather he was using it because he feared what I would do if he left loose paper notes everywhere in the car. That he is not a "geek like me". I think he protests too much.

So I hacked my husband. Again. 12 years ago I had converted him to the paper planner. Now the hPDA. Next stop: the world!

[Edited to add] The day I got my Rollabind portable punch and disks, my husband said in passing that I could now make him a planner for next year. He then changed the subject. Hehehe, I hacked him good.

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Great story!

And just the opposite of mine!

I bought my wife a Moleskin planner for Christmas, and she immediately suspected me of either 1. Trying to "convert" her, or 2. buying the Molesin in the hopes that she wouldn't want it, and then I could claim it for my own! Which really makes the whole situation in our family rather absurd--because _she_ is the "luddite" eschewing technology whenever pen/pencil and paper will do, and has always thought my Apple Newton "fascination"* and later Palm usage were "overboard." Ah, but my paper planner love has been around since the mid 80's. ;-)


* I just spent a chunk of change replacing the cracked screen on my Newton--not because I use it, but because it was too painful to see the poor baby sitting there so injured and neglected... BTW, I've always considered my Newtons my third "paper" planner... It never felt like an "electronic" gadget because the handwriting recognition was so perfect, and using a Newton is very much like working with paper--but that's another topic! Sorry.

Newton dreams

I pined for a Newton when they came out, so out of my teenage price range then. I can perfecly understand chucking out money to fix yours.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Here be the pics

I've put the pics on Flickr.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs