Sara, HELP!

I have a request for DIY's Link Liaison, Sara. A few days ago I saw a template someone submitted for a 3 x 5 notecard that can also be three-hole punched to fit in a Classic binder. Now I can't find it. Help!!


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Landscape satellites?

Was the name "landscape satellites"? I've got a recent addition to my collection with that name, and it's 3x5 cards in landscap orientation, with wider margins on one side. I haven't looked in the repository here yet, but if/when I find it, I'll post back here...


found it

Hipster Satellites

Unfortunately, they look like they are intended to be in a 6 or 7 ring organizer, not a 3 ring. :-(


That's It!!

Thanks jonglass! I have both a six hole and seven hole FC punch (the advantage of being seriously afflicted with multi-plannerism is the collection that one can put together).

I'm toying with the idea of combining my Classic binder with notecards. These templates will help considerably.


combining cards with the classic binder

Yesterday after seeing Shris's comments, I gave some serious thought to changing my planner from the classic Franklin Covey to the Circa so I could custom make the planner. How do you propose using the cards with this also and do you have experience with changing planner systems. Shris had the great idea of noting all that would be part of my "dream planner" which is a wonderful idea .I also thought that maybe I could rebuild the Franklin. At the same time I want to maintain my extensive collection of 3x5s somehow.

Hipster Portrait


You want portrait orientation, then. I submitted a set called "hipster portrait" in PDF and Draw formats..

Might not be the forms you wanted, but you could punch the long side.


@ Bob

Do you remember any distinguishing characters of the missing template? ie contents or wordage perhaps?

Don't panic... we will find your missing template... ((hug)) :P

my artwork

Definitions of 3 items

What is a hipster, template (as used in the 3x5 and planner world) and rollabind? Thanks


hipster is a small planner that is 3X5 size
template is one of the multiple planner pages on this site and others
rollabind is a company that sells specialized notebooks where the pages are removable via "discs" instead of rings like in a 3 ring binder. pretty much the same as circa notebooks from Levenger.

The answers as seen by me, nay nay

hipster definition

hipster =

templates are the planner pages that you can print out

rollabind is a specific brand of notebook. I believe it's pretty much the same thing as circa but I don't use either so I'm not totally sure.

rollabind vs. circa

Maybe this site needs a glossary section or at least a FAQ? Rollabind is a particular kind of notebook that uses discs instead of binder rings to hold pages in place. Imagine something like a Roladex, but with whole pages, not just address cards.

Levenger licensed the technology for Rollabind to make their Circa line of notebooks. Since the pages are punches the same, the two are interchangeable. Rollabind is cheaper but Circa is much nicer. You can search this site for previous discussions about this topic, there have been many!


The Hipster satellites are mine

Those landscape ones are mine - you do technically "3-hole punch" them, but using a 6 or 7 hole-punch spacing.

Glad to see somebody is finding them interesting, let me know if you have any comments