Uhmm. Errr.... Are these templates exclusively for printing blank and then writing in?

Perhaps I have been reading in the wrong places, eating off the wrong templates, or simply unclear on the concept, of doing things yourself.

I have been trying to use DIY for the first time. Seemed to be just what I was looking for. I use a Classic Size Covey. (As well as my version of Hipster and a Mac laptop, OS 10.4.1.)

After quite some time reading, etc., it appears to be that DYI has lots of various and sundry pages one can print, put in a planner, and then hand-write info on those pages throughout the day, etc.
Great. This is ideal for Calendar, notes, etc.

What I need most is to print data from computer onto pages/ templates for my planner - first and foremost my ADDRESS BOOK/ CONTACT LIST. It is currently on my mac in MSWord (fields separated eith commas.) I print the whole thing for my desktop addressbook. I need to print a (much more limited) version for my planner. It is fairly easy to export the data to excel, a contact program, etc... Or - export into a template with fields that is ready to then print double sided for a classic planner! But i am not finding any "field" templates here.

It will still be a fairly extensive list, so ideally I can modify the template to have the fields i need, and have be compact (skips fields that are left empty, uses small font, formats to fit many contacts on a page. (I can put everything in something like mac addressbook, but it prints each contact over numerous lines, putting only a few to a page.)

I have other material I also need to print and put in planner, but all I am seeing are pages where you hand write it. (It has taken me years to learn how to read my own handwriting.) For Example, Personal Info, Medical Info, Car info, etc...

I presume I can either type directly or import this data. Doing it with text edit in Adobe Acrobat is one serious pain in the tuchus, and I am sure not the way this is designed. I can create my own template in Word, but I presume this is the great alternative.

Please - set me straight. Thanks.


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