Are all these templates for printing blank, then writing in?

Perhaps I am missing something....
Or perhaps I am just looking for something different.
Or I am growing blind and weary.

I need a "template" where I can import, use fields, etc. my address book (in a mac word file with deliniated fields, but can put export into any number of programs.)

Ideally, I could also edit the template format, so it had the fields i needed, skipped heading if a field is empty in a given contact, and could be made quite small to fit a fair number of contacts on each page.

Similarly - how do i export or cut and paste the basics- personal info, car info, yada-yada-yada... i guess i am not understanding how i get the data into the templates. write it all over again by hand? no. i must be missing something.

show me the light.

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Please see the other answer

And, please, in the future, you need only ask a question once. You have asked this question, with minor variations, three times.
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