One month per page

Anyone know of an existing template? (I looked three times but didn't see anything)... I would love it if someone already had one classic size (5.5 by 8.5 inc).

I'm getting ready for the arrival of my rollabind punch. muwahahhahahhahaha

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Core pack

Isn't there one in the core package?

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Not that...

Not that I could find...

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There really aren't any!

I thought I had seen one, but you are correct. The only place there is a one-page-per-month template is in the Hipster, and it's landscape. Bummer. And weird...


I've got one


I mail merged one with a month of my own design. I'll email it to you if you want. The months are left-punched in a Writer doc, but you can change the margins easily if you want right-punched or back-to-back.

I've got dates to December 2007.



Actually I owe a huge thank you to Glenda who sent me an email last evening ... :o) My Month calendar needs have been met...

((Thank you Shris for the offer... <3))

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Well, it's not really a

Well, it's not really a template. But if you're using google calendar, you can just print out the month on your preferred sized paper. :)