PDA Hipster + Google Calendar

I started off with making the six-pocket folder that caveblogm kindly designed at my request.  After which, I started playing around with the templates found on diyplanner.com.  Then I remembered the Google Calendar.

So here's what I do now.

  • Last Sunday of the Month
    • Print out the next two months, one month per 3x5 index card.
  • Sunday afternoon
    • Update calendar.
    • Print out the next three weeks, one week per 3x5 index card.

New schedules are first written at the back of the week card where the schedule falls on.  If the schedule doesn't fall on any of the printed week cards, it gets written on a 3x5 piece of paper.

When a schedule is made or confirmed, I mark the date on the month card as well. Shaded upper left corner means a morning event. Shaded lower left corner means an afternoon event.  Shaded lower right hand corner means an evening event. A square in the middle means an all day event.  A circle on the date itself means a deadline. Finally a long rectangle on the bottom means an overnight event.

Since Google Calendar prints out the weekly schedules with time slots, I don't have to print out a day keeper anymore.

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Google Calendar

Can anyone do this or is some sort of membership required?

There's membership. Sort of.

There's membership. Sort of. You have to sign up for a google account. But membership is free.

The reason why I like Google Calendar is because I can "synchronize" my schedules online and on paper.

If you're just looking for something that just prints the month out on a single page with no membership involved, you can check this link out: http://incompetech.com/beta/cal-monthly/

Print google calendar

I cannot figure out how to print my google calendar on a 3X5... Any info on this?

nay nay

It just prints the view.

I saw no configuration controls. It coughs out a PDF of the current view on a landscape letter-size.
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Choose paper size when printing

When you print, choose the paper size, then scale the page to fit or shrink to printable area. Since my printer has no default setting of 3x5, I had to define it myself in the printer settings.