New Search Box!

As some of you may have noticed, the search box that has been gracing the menu at right has been less than accurate. It found story articles and site pages without much fuss, but it couldn't see forums, comments, kit images, templates, and so forth.

So I'm very glad to announce that we now have a new built-in search engine, and what a beaut it is. (It's the Drupal module Trip Search for the techies among us.) It appears to do an excellent job of finding almost everything. You can do and/or searches, narrow by dates or types, and use specific phrases (like in Google, you just enclose them with quotation marks). There's also an Advanced Search Form and a good cheatsheet for Help.

I'm asking for those with keen eyes (you know who you are!) to test it a few times and see if it returns the results it should. Please report any potential issues to me and we'll address them as they're found.

Whoo hoo! New search engine! (You know you're an information junkie when....)

all my best,


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