Hipster / Moleskine Holder

I found this on flickr: LINK

The note indicates it is a 5" binder with the ring piece removed... houses a moleskine and a pen... looks like you could probably fit some 3x5s in there too... no?

Thought it was worth posting :o)

(( Tut for the hack ))

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Barnes and Noble Binder

Thanks for sharing. I'm guessing it's too late to find this "end of year" bargain, at Barnes and Noble but the technique is good to know. I had been wondering if this sort of modification was feasible.

I'll have to visit B&N towards the end of this year.

Also, re: the Franklin Covey clutch you found on Ebay. I saw it as well but the dimensions on this particular one are 1/8" too narrow for a quarter page.

For now I'll be using the unstructured Tyvex binder I put together using clear packing tape (thin or thick depending upon what area of the binder I was working on, to keep it as flexible as possible). It's 6" tall and when it's unfolded it's 12" long. I created a vertical slip pocket towards the middle for my cardboard backed 1/4 page organizer (including a page per week calendar, several monthly pages and a few planning pages). I put a horizontal slip pocket on the right to hold a slim 3"x5" set up I'm planning on putting together.

I started with a 12"x12" section of Tyvex envelope that I folded in half which created a 6" deep billfold type pocket in the back which will hold miscellaneous pages. And I wound up with a 2" or so flap on the left side that I wrap over the front; and I hold the whole thing together with a regular elastic. Also, I kept the 2" wrapover section open (I didn't tape it shut) so I can use the front of the binder as a pocket when it's closed.

For now I'm using a binder clip to hold my organizer pages together until I get my Rollabind punches and discs. According to Wilde-Things they are on backorder. I'm hoping to have them in a week or two.

I tried to set the Tyvex organizer up so the rollabind discs on the left side of the 1/4 pages and on the top of the 3"x5" cards don't bump against each other.

There may even be enough room between the 1/4 page organizer and the 3"x5" pad to put a pen or pencil holder, but since that's where it folds I'm afraid it may create too much bulk to fold easily. Maybe I could just tape a small strip of Tyvex or an elastic there.

The whole thing is amazingly light and slim, but that might be because I haven't added the 3"x5" pad or the discs yet.

The one thing I would probably have done differently is started with a 12"x11" or 12 x 11 1/2" section of Tyvex (instead of 12" x 12") so it would have been only 5 1/2" - 5 3/4" tall, but the Tyvex is so light the excess material isn't too cumbersome.

If this doesn't work out I might move to the classic sized ballistic nylon Day Runner "Flat Pack" I picked up on Ebay. Someone on these boards told us about them. The last time I checked --about a week or so ago-- there were still 12 left. The spine holding the metal rings is removeable and slides out of a vertical slip pocket.