A quick hello

Since I suggested this idea of a New Member area, and Douglas was kind enough to add it to the forum, I thought I might as well start...

My name is Bob Foster. I work in a healthcare imaging facility doing information systems work. Whatever they decide to throw at me I'm expected to catch. At a young age I was also an artist in traditional art media which is where my love of paper in all its forms began. I'm still an artist(you can't really leave that behind) but not professionally.

For the most part my "organizing" is now all digitally based since my info systems job requires me to keep track of all sorts of useless information, useless until you need it. I started many years ago with the "one massive text file" system along with one of those small, six-ring pocket notebooks. As soon as PDA's came along I started using the desktop software(downloaded for free) supplied with them before I even owned a PDA to synchronize it with. Since I have the benefit of being able to construct my own systems using personal database tools, I soon moved on to my own custom system built in FileMaker Pro. I think that it will always be the case that I have a need for a portable/pocket system that is well integrated into a desktop (digital or wooden/glass/etc.) system for the "Big" picture.

The problem I find now with portable digital devices is that they are mostly frustrating and get in the way of one's creativity. Not so a simple pen and paper.

Anyway, that's why I'm here at D*I*Y.

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