Templates that integrate with MS Outlook

I have seen MSFT Word and Excel templates, I've seen websites talking about how to use Gmail or Outlook to implement GTD, but I'm wondering if we have anyone out there who has come up with (or can think of how to) integrate Outlook and some of the templates for DIY and GTD on the site?

I work in a half-paper and half-digital world, I spend hours a day away from a computer. When I'm in paper mode I'm pretty good about using various forms from the site (or just my own mechanisms for note taking), but I really would benefit from being able to catalog and store my paper ideas/forms into digital mode (easier archive, drastically easier search).

Any ideas? I'm a modest VBA scripter in Excel, but I've never attempted this with Outlook, and that's the only potential solution I can think of at this point.

All ideas, feedback, etc are greatly appreciated.

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This is the best ebook i have read on using outlook with GTD: