21 March New Site Features and Fixes

I've made some changes to the site, fixing some issues we had with the site, and adding some features.

  • Template Directory now sorts by date
    I've added a 'date created' to the templates directory listing, and made it the default sort, in response to user requests. I've also tweaked the display a bit; I'm not yet happy with it, but we'll get there.

  • Image Galleries display fixed
    Since we re-launched, the image galleries didn't display quite right. I've changed their layout; things should be better now.

  • Per-node feeds
    Each piece of content now has an RSS feed associated with it. Right under the set of links that starts "Add new comment..." you'll see the RSS feed icon (but not on the front page). This is linked to a feed just for that piece of content. Subscribing to that feed will give you the content and all the associated comments, right in your feed reader.

Moving to our new host has given us new found freedom and opportunity. Please let me know of features you'd like to see, problems that you have, and we'll see what we can do.

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bows before the great one

bravo ~! Many thanks and much love <3

my artwork

THANKS and sorry

Thanks for the improvements, and sorry if we push you too hard on all this. You do us all a great service, and I imagine this is a huge labor of love. I hope our (intense) interests and desires don't cause you too much grief.


Wonderful! Thank you!

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

looks good, suggestion on comments section

Hi Eric, Everything looks good.

I would suggest though that the "3 comments 3 new comments" part (on the front page for each story) be changed to something like "3 comments (3 new)" - I think that will look a little nicer.


Thank you for all the time you all spend improving the best site on the internet! You are the best!

nay nay