Levenger: Junior leather zip folio

Has anyone noticed Levenger's Folio Office Junior, on sale for $29.95? It's usually $98.00. I believe it is being discontinued.

Clicky Here

It comes in black, it is 1" thicker than the regular Junior zip folio, it looks like it has an outside zip pocket, it includes a four section snap out accordion folder, and it has a handle.

I just thought I'd mention it for anyone that could use this as an affordable alternative to the regular Junior folio. The only downside that I can see is the bulk that comes with the extra width.

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Circa-fiable ?

Ryan !!

Could one put a Circa notebook where the note pad goes ?

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I was just going to ask the

I was just going to ask the same question :)


I'll defer to Ryan but if you click "More Photos" you'll see a close up that shows what looks like two vertical slip pockets to the left of the notepad.

A few of the other photos suggest that the accordion folder wouldn't interfere with the Circa rings.

Folio Office Junior <> Jr Circa Notebook


Yes, it will hold a junior notebook. The detachable accordion folder doesn't interfere with 3/4" and smaller rings.

I'll post a photograph of the Circa hack later this evening.


I want, want, want, but

I want, want, want, but shipping would put it well beyond my reach. If only there was a Levenger in my nearest town. Being rural west Wales, UK, I'd have to add 'pigs might fly'.

Folio office Jr. - video

Great video Ryan, and great

Great video Ryan, and great customer service. One question, what size rings are those in the video? Are they 3/4"?

Folio Office - Disc size

I was a little surprised that the 1" discs fit. This was the size used in the video. However, the only way to get the 1 1/2" discs to work would require removing the accordian insert from the binder.



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I bet its like working in a

I bet its like working in a chocolate shop.

Hmm ... I wonder if I could

Hmm ... I wonder if I could fit in a PDA and maybe a paperback in place of the accordion file?


Paperback and PDA : office folio


There would be plenty of room. You might need to develop a creative method for holding the PDA. [adhesive velcro would work]


Ryan I don't plan to use the


I don't plan to use the PDA inside the folio, but simply to be able to carry a few things together in one case / bag.

Should I get it?

Folio Office Jr : sold out

The Folio Office Jr is no longer available through the warehouse. There weren't many of these when this thread started, so I have been keeping an eye on the inventory levels. Moments ago, I requested the item to be removed from the web.

I'm sorry we won't be able to fill additional orders for this folio.

In the future, I'm happy to answer any sort of questions like this. Sometimes a different method of presentation can spark some pretty creative re-interpretations of existing products.

    - We can learn a great deal about what we should be developing by listening to this kind of input!

If I don't respond right away, just send a PM so I check the thread.


@Ryan--That was mean! ;-)

In fact, I just finished my first purchase ever fom Levenger--this folio and a "starter" Circa(more to see how it works than to put in the folio). I've wanted something like this for ages, but the photos weren't enough to convince me. That short clip _really_ helped! So, thank you. ;-)