Bob's low tech PDA, and the expensive one

This is my current stuff for "organizing", other than keys, wallet, and a pocket digital camera. Two things you can probably notice right off the bat. One, I need a new digital camera that can handle closeups better. And two, I have long since given up on PDA's as data entry tools. And yes I also have a mini keyboard for the PDA. I basically use the PDA as a media and information "viewing/listening" device for eBooks, photos, mp3s, notes, addresses, etc. Virtually all data entry is done using computer desktop applications which are then synched to the PDA. The PDA is a long in the tooth HP Jornada 625 which still runs just fine. The other bits are a cheap, disposable pen and a folded sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. I find it much easier to pull out pen and paper when I'm on the go to write something down then it is to use the PDA. The paper will likely become a Hipster PDA in short order but I'm still not at the point of dumping the Jornada.

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Your setup looks surprisingly similar to mine. Let me suggest, however, as an improvement over the ol' folded-piece-of-paper the Pocketmod. It gives more immediately available writing surface and some of the templates (like the two-page calendar) are remarkably useful when you don't want to shove a whole PDA in your pocket.