Rollabind in Las Vegas

Anyone here in Vegas and use rollabind, I know the Rollabind site says there are sold at Target, but I have tried looking at quite a few and can't find any, I was mostly looking for rings and a punch. I called a few and they didn't know what I was talking about, and the ones I went to didn't have any rollabind stuff. Any help anyone?

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Well, not exactly

Target carries some Rolla products at school supply time, but don't seem to have it the rest of the year. As for a punch, no. You need to order those online. There are a few threads around here pointing you to sources. The most popular seems to be Wilde Ideas.



Try Staples. I have seen Rollabind products in the notebook aisles and on separate displays in those stores.


They carry Rolla notebooks in Classic and Letter sizes, plus some refill paper. No punches.


Thanks, I was considering

Thanks, I was considering the Staples Rolla, but there is no Staples in Las Vegas, I was hoping to be able to go somewhere like Target or Staples and see the stuff or something similar before ordering online

There are discussions around

There are discussions around the Board about the quality of the Staples Rolla produts. They are not as well made as the plastic cover ones you can order directly from .
I got a set at Target last year at School time, and finally got to compare them to Staples' product about a month ago, the ones I purchased at Target are much better quality.
My Target set is a Letter and a Junior size each with calendar pages from August '06 to July '07, a divider pocket, a business card holder and some lined paper. It is padded faux leather. Was originally $9.99, got the last one on clearance for $4.99.

Have been trying to order

Have been trying to order Rolla accessories/notebooks from Staples in my area with no luck. Finally called Staples and they claim that this line has been discontinued. Is this a cyclical thing or are cheap Staples' Rolla notebooks definitively a thing of the past?

Staples is staffed by idiots...

It's that simple. If it ain't on the shelf, they have no clue.

A sad but typical state of retail sales. One I noticed, to my delight, to be totally absent from the Levenger Store.
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may be a thing of the past :-(

It looks like this may be a thing of the past. I went to their website and searched for "Rollabind" and nothing came up. has a link to buy their notebooks. They look a little nicer than the Staples ones, but I've never seen one in person so I don't know about the quality. They have translucent plastic covers in various colors.

You may also want to check out They sell covers, rings, and hole punches, but I don't think they sell whole notebooks. I ordered a hole punch from them during their St. Patrick Day sale and it got here quick!