paper choice and fountain pens

For fountain pen users, when printing your own pages, what paper do you use?

And as an aside, do you have a favourite ink/pen combination - I assume fine nibs and quick drying ink are the popular choice, but would be interested in specifics.

Given that I am in the UK, a full paper description might be needed for me to find some here.

Many thanks,


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Cross/Pelikan Ink + Waterman, Parker, Schneider

I just use black cross or pelikan fountain pen ink with my three fountain pens. But I do find the Schneider Zippi to be small and fine enough to use as a travelling pen. Cheap too. Even cheaper would be the Pilot Petit1.

Thanks, what sort of paper

Thanks, what sort of paper are you using for your planner?


i got the advice of using hewlett-packard laser printer paper, 32 pound weight. i have not tried it yet, but a lot of FP users seem to like it.


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Yes, I have seen that

Yes, I have seen that mentioned, but I am not sure what it is.

There are several 32lb options and they all seem to have a glossy or semi-gloss finish - which may be OK of course.

I shall try and work out the UK equivalent and see if I can try some.


Flight of the Pelikan...

Hi Graham

Today I was mainly using a fine nibbed Pelikan with it's beak dipped in Waterman's Florida Blue. The D*I*Y templates were photocopied on to 90 gsm HP laser printer paper (CHP370) which made an agreeable compromise between weight, cost and quality.

32 lb copier bond = 120 gsm All I can think is people on the FPN are super fit or they have someone else to carry their planners :D

For what it is worth I prefer Clairefontaine (90 gsm papier vélin velouté). However the cost is prohibiting for something so ephemeral.

I did find CHP350. This

I did find CHP350. This seems to be 100gsm and designed for double sided printing, but I will have a look at the lighter CHP370 as well.

I just got a fine nib for my Decimo and with the Pilot blue it gives a fine line that dries very quickly. Its a bit pale unless I press a bit harder than usual, but it seems a very workable.

I haven't tried the Clairfontaine paper, but have it on my list for letters.

Thanks for the pointer.


My fav pen

I have never really got into the fountian pen, my preferred tool for writing is a blue gel pen. I like the way it writes so smoothly. There are many different price variations to them, too. I found if you buy the mid - priced gel pen, it seems to work very nicely.

color printing

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Gel pens are nice, my

Gel pens are nice, my favourite is the Uniball Signo 207, not to be confused with the Uniball Signo,

However, they still don't match a good fountain pen for smoothness, and I have found that the gel pens I like, often smudge more easily than fountain pens, or at least the ones I use for my planner/notebook.

Fountain Pen/Paper

Hi, Graham!

I have two fountain pens that I use a lot-- a Levenger-Shaeffer with a fine nib and a Lamy Al-Star with an extra fine nib. I bought OfficeDepot Premium InkJet paper for my planner, and that seems to work well for both pens with most inks.

I made my planner dividers from heavier-weight, matte-finish HP brochure & flyer paper. This isn't specifically for inkjet printers, but printed up fine in my HP inkjet. However, I have found that most fountain pen inks bleed all over on this stuff. I've tried Noodler's, Shaeffer, and Lamy fountain pen inks, all with similar results. A fine line becomes a chubby worm the next minute. The only ink that doesn't seem to bleed all over is some Parker ink that I think I bought through Levenger some years back. (However, it's labelled "writing ink" and doesn't seem to be Quink, so I have no idea if I'd have the same results with Quink or where to buy more of the ink I have now!)

My theory is that papers designed for inkjets were intended to handle "wet" inks, so there doesn't seem to be as much feathering/bleeding as say, paper designed for laser printers. ?? (Mind you, I have no real data to back this hypothesis up!)


Ink jet paper

It makes sense that inkjet paper should handle ink better than laser jet paper, and it opens up a whole area of special paper designed for fine art use. The Xerox all purpose paper I have at the moment is OK with my Decimo fine, using pilot blue, but the Capless (VP in America) medium with Pilot black, bleeds.

It does look as if an investigation into the different HP papers will be worthwhile. The UK HP web site however, is badly designed and very slow.



Store brand?


You might check at your local office supply store to see if they have their own brand of inkjet papers. Here in the US, Office Depot and Staples seem to have their store brand inkjet papers, which work well and tend to be much cheaper than the HP papers. Xerox, Kodak, and Epson make inkjet papers, too, if they're easier for you to get.

If all else fails, we could set up an international paper exchange. For example, Claire Fontaine loose paper doesn't seem to be available in the US. :)

Good luck!


Shipping costs may be a problem :-(

I will have a look at what is available, but I rather like "nice" paper and don't mind paying a bit extra if I feel it is worth it. I suspect I will try HP first to use as a benchmark and then try lower cost alternatives.

We have Staples across here and Office Depot seem to own Viking in the UK, which is mail order only.

I fear the carriage costs may make a paper exchange a bit tricky !


Georgia-Pacific Advantage Inkjet paper

has been very satisfactory for use with fountain pens. I understand that it would be hard to find in the UK (?), but I get it from a Costco store here in 5 ream boxes, and it has a smooth finish that preserves the fine line from a fine nib pen and doesn't bleed through to the other side.

One caveat. I have not tried printing from a laser printer or xerox printer onto this paper and don't know if it is recommended to do so. I have made pads with this paper and it's good with fountain pens. You might try their website and find some equivalent where you are.

Oh yeah, I use a variety of vintage and modern pens and my most often used ink is Waterman Florida Blue, which is kind to vintage pens. It's a dark blue which would show up well in a fine nibbed pen.

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