Who I am....

or not....

Actually, I'm a planner junkie - beginning maybe 50 years back with my own inimitable bits n pieces of paper, taped ends torn from "while you were out" pads, then migrating to post-its, stuffed into commercial bound diaries and binders over those many years; brief stop for a Sharp YO380, not enough storage or RAM; going on to a Palm (EARLY Palm....) and trying to synch all that and my paper bits with my computers using Briefcase (*rolls eyes*) and Palm's cradle thingie; then to FC which worked fine but was far too pricey for my Scots soul; and now D*I*Y - the absolute best of them all, because it's FLEXIBLE! (as all the rest of them are decidedly NOT) and CHEAP!.

What was wrong with bound diaries: well, flexible is NOT their name, even though their names are legion. I was regimented into the strait-jacket of BOUNDARIES. Dates in such and such an order, notes here but never there, contacts only in the "addresses" section (and latterly, NOWHERE to place a cell or fax number, much LESS an email address!)

What was wrong with Palms: is still wrong with them.... nitpicking, finicking, fossicking, nit-noiding, annoying, battery-chomping, snickpittering stupid little anal "wannabe computers" that they are.... and still NOT FLEXIBLE (unless of course you're a contortionist who can actually make letters so that the damned little things can READ them.... or you can type 90wpm on their keyboards - hah! I DARE YOU....)

What was wrong with FC: expensive.... even the "not fancy" ones. Now, I'm not at all averse to paying for good leather etc. But I AM highly allergic to paying through the nose for PAPER - even pretty paper - when the paper I have used THIS year really isn't usable NEXT year. I move the information ON the paper, and then the paper languishes in whatever hell "old years" go to.

What makes sense: D*I*Y Planner - one prints exactly what one uses and needs. No paper is wasted. If one wants a fancy background, well, that's easy enough - if you have NOT been to scrapbooking stores, I highly recommend them for papers (in a pinch, even Michael's will do). Now that I've found D*I*Y, I doubt I'll ever revert to my previous unfulfilled planner-challenged life.

[Caveat 1: I point out that buying a $200 leather "pajama" for my laptop is not exorbitant, because it will fit the next one and the next one etc. Nor is buying an $80 custom binder and punching it for the spine upon which I mount my D*I*Y pages....]

[[Caveat 2: I still have the Sharp YO380. It's - hmmm - almost 15 years old now I think, and actually still works as well as anything like it can be expected to work (and better than my friend's Gateway computer). Its keyboard was REALLY USABLE, unlike much else similar, including the Palms (unless you attach a separate one, which rather obviates the logic....) I have a hotsync for the Sharp, which also still works even with my "new tech" machines. Its only problem is that it's only got 256 kb RAM/storage - which means my husband (he who has no interest in computers and can't even figure out how to turn any of mine on) can use it to look up his kids' and grandkids' addresses and phone numbers, and it will remind him of their birthdays etc. - but that's all it has room for. (And, no, he can't enter stuff in it, being tech-challenged as he is, I have to do it....) I would LOVE to have a Sharp exactly like the YO380 with about 24 mb of RAM and a gig of storage....]]

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C'mon ... snickpittering?

Seriously, as a Palm user out of the gate and a Casio B.O.S.S. user before that, I have ALWAYS wanted more from my handheld devices. As far as FC, way too expensive. So much so, in fact, I made Excel spreadsheets of all their project planning templates. Much less expensive that way.

I have just recently (two months ago) happened upon the D*I*Y Planner way of life and now find myself toting my paper planner everywhere at work and searching for more ways to make this strata shift extra effective.

Also, I am having too much fun with it!!!

Eh, well....

I make up words when I run out.... you didn't like snickpittering? How about shimbleniddering then?

Yah, D*I*Y is the best thing since bubblegum and sliced bread. Really....

You have a rare gift, indeed...

No, I think they're great. Somehow they fit...

And, I get it.



Well, of course waltwhitman WOULD....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]


"nitpicking, finicking, fossicking, nit-noiding, annoying, battery-chomping, snickpittering stupid little anal "wannabe computers" that they are...."

Very well said. :)

You forgot thimblenoidding, exaperegious, and voidexteriousless


Apologies to all Palm and PDA users (I'm one also).

With work it's best to just start.

Oh my!

I really like exaperegious! Have to keep track of that one....

I actually am pretty buddlefumblered by those who can honestly USE one of them....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]