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Not sure if the term "hPDA" has been copyrighted or restricted in any way... if anyone knows, please inform me :o)

I was thinking... getting some hPDA pride gear might be kinda fun... some stickers for our moleskines or planner covers ... maybe a keychain or coffee mug...

whatchall think? suggestions, ideas, rough sketches, criticisms, ... click on my name in the author line and then the contact tab ... email me if you'd like... I would love to have side project to distract me from the stress I have over my first local art association event. (I'm getting artist block on the piece I need finished and framed by April 1st... eeeek).

Here is a quick one I did ... the initial spark resulted in this : FLICKR LINK

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But it makes me want to scrap all my circa stuff and go back to binder clips.

why not

Why not incorporate a binder clip into a circa ? I have one on my back cover to hold stuff until I can make or find a folder type insert :o)

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personalized image offer

I was thinking that someone might want a personalized image to use on the cover of their hPDA or planner or something... just let me know :D

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Very cool.

Very cool.

I finally did it... not

I finally did it... no pressure now or anything... ;)


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CafePress Journal...

... should be Circa-bound :)
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Boy, you sure are busy! The gear looks GREAT! Congrats!
Smiles, nay nay


I'm finally getting things checked off my "Next Action" lists :) Told yall I was in a slump... hehe.

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re: hPDA logo

Cute stuff, Sara!! You are so creative, and by the way- loving your blog.:)

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aww thanks! Seriously you all keep me going. This site inspires me to continue my quest for planning zen. And occasionally it sparks other creative floods. <3

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