Cool Victorian Clip Art

Granted I couldn't use these in any artwork I wanted to sell, but I got it to make gifts with.
It is targeted towards scrapbooker's, but the cool victorian images are gorgeous and more than I could ever find around here. I've linked the two books I just got. The only downside is many of the images are collaged together, but I think I can live with it.

Alphabets and Ornaments

French Pages

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There's something wrong with

There's something wrong with your links.
Otherwise - thanks for the book suggestions, they look really nice.

Fixed links.

Should work now.


Whoops, didn't intend for that to happen! Thanks for fixing the links.

There's something wrong with

There's something wrong with the way this shows up in the "Recent comments" list to the right, but in my case, it is accurate :)
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