"Ideal" new planner which holds PDA

I am trying for a combo approach to getting better organized.
I want to do what I saw someone else do: Specifically looking for a Covey type mid to full size binder for paper
daily planning, but also has pockets for a PDA (Palm Pilot).
Any one here trying that too? Any suggestions?
I am too plugged in to go totally w/o computer, but want to use all three for now -- Paper, Computer, PDA, with each component used for its own set of tasks.

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I'm backwards....

For me, my "daily" planning--that means anything that goes on the calendar--goes into my Palm, not on paper. If it is on the calendar, with a time, it means I better not miss it, and it has an alarm attached--and usually notes, but not always. that's what my Palm is for--that, and general reference (word/dictionary lookups, documents, etexts, etc.), music, games). In my Palm case, behind my Palm, goes my PocketMod. It contains forms for contacts (yes, I tend to add new contacts on paper first, and then add them in later--I hate the Palm's Grafitti), expenses, plain notes, etc. Then, I also have David Seah's "Printable CEO Emergent Task Planner" (more information about the whole Printable CEO series at this LINKthe ETP is about 1/3 down the page) for planning and executing my day. Without this, I would probably be lost. I have two versions--a PocketMod-sized one and an A5-size. If I'm on the run, I use the PocketMod. If at my desk, the larger version, simply because of the greater room. I use the ETP for my paper inbox when possible. Since my hard-landscape (time-dependent meetings, etc.) doesn't fill my day, this system works great for me. It's something to consider if your day isn't full of appointments and meetings.


planner with PDA

I tried a couple planner/PDA things. The first thing I tried was adhesive Velcro with one side stuck to the back of the PDA and the other in the planner. This did not work out well because the planner was not thick enough to leave room for the PDA and you had the Velcro on the back of the PDA sticking to things.

There are Franklin planners that have a PDA clip - not sure about any other brands. If you're lucky enough to live near a Covey retail store, Office Max, Staples, or Office Depot - or any other store that may carry planners you may want to go into the store just to see what they have and find one you like.

I had a Classic size Franklin with the PDA clip but found myself hardly using the PDA for anything - I'd sync up my address book every few days, but all my important numbers were on paper. I ended up ripping the PDA clip out to make room for more paper.

You may want to think about what exactly you use each component of the system for... I have a friend who used a calendar but put all his appointments in the Palm Pilot for the simple reason that it beeps at him when it is time for the meeting. If you're like this, you may want to just invest in a good planner and a small portable alarm clock.

I've found the thing that works best for me is keep all my information I need at the computer in the computer and then print it out, hole-punch it and toss it in my paper planner if I need it away from the computer. Calendar, todo list, general notetaking, journalling and writing down ideas all work better on paper.


I personally like Time

I personally like Time Design (Time/System here in Europe) a lot, and I know they have one. I haven't used it, but people have generally good comments about Time Design. Mr David Allen himself used it.

A5 binder with 6 rings and room for a PDA:

Good luck organising.

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Time Design, used by David Allen

For anyone with the time and inclination, try poking around the website Anonymous linked. If you check out TimeSystem's (Time Design) "Quick Start Guide" they use GTD terminology like "Next Action" and "Waiting For", which makes me wonder if that's where David Allen got some of his ideas. As an example, in the Quick Start guide they discuss how daily "To Do" lists get lost once you turn the page, and how inefficient it is to re do the To Do list.

Also, they have a free online User Guide. I wonder how helpful this might be for GTD'ers.

Is anyone here familiar with their Data Bank (TM) "Index"? Basically it's a lined form, numberer 1 - 10 in the left hand column. I wonder if this is meant to be used as an updateable index of ideas that would otherwise get buried in the calendar.

Time Design - David Allen

David used to be one of the lead trainers / partners at Time Design in his early days.

David Allen, former lead trainer / partner at Time Design

Very interesting. That might explain why they have Trade Marked their "Data Bank".

Having skimmed their "Quick Start" guide again last night I'm still not quite sure what the "Data Bank" is. They describe it as an Index but I think it might more accurately be described a customized Table of Contents which probably parallels the tabs the user implements: Calendar, Address/Phone Book, Etc.

When time permits I just might download their User Guide. It would be interesting to see any other similarities to GTD.

planner that holds pda

If you go to Daytimer.com, they have very nice paper planners that have universal clips that hold your PDA as well. They have them in Folio, Desk and Portable sizes too.
Good Luck

FC has them.

I saw them in an FC store when I was trying to do that system years ago.

There are some on the FC website too. One that's had a price reduction is:

Classic Universal PDA Clip Ballistic Nylon Zipper Binder - Black

and there's what seems to be a nice leather one too.

---edit--- oops didn't see this was an ancient post, and that someone else had buried the lead but mentioned that FC has them.