Levenger Circa - folder and accessories

I have heavily accessorized Levenger Circa Junior notebook to use in my web development. It has lots of pockets, dividers, and accessories.

* The inside cover is made from a deep-red cardstock 70 lbs (The Paper Co.). The outside cover is Levenger's clear plastic (refills 2 sets for about $7).
* On the left side is a clear business card sleeve (Staples) containing note flags (Levenger), small sticky notes (3M), and index flags (3M).
* On the right side is a clear plastic pocket made from heavy-duty Pentaflex folder. It contains 3"x5" cards punched on the short side (Levenger), 6" metal ruler (Westcott), postage stamps, and page flags (Quill).
* The 3"x5" cards are punched with Levenger's mushroom shaped hole puncher.

Usage pattern:
I use this paper organizer for brain-storming and quickly drawing graphs and web diagrams. Once in a while, I scan the diagrams into my computer for backup. My computer files are in turn backed-up to another hard drive.

Papers and Forms:
The papers & forms that are most useful to me are Levenger's blank sheets, DIY's Project Notes with a full-page 1/8" grids, and Levenger's full-page ruled sheets (no blank left margin). Second most useful are DIY's Project Outline sheets full-page ruled with check-boxes on the left, DIY's full-year calendar, and 3"x5" cards to jot down short notes or reminders.

In addition, the Project Notes with 1/8" grids are very nice for planning furniture reorganization throughout my house. I draw the room to scale (about 3 grids to 1 foot for a small room) and cut out furnitur pieces to scale from sticky notes. I move the sticky notes around to try out various furniture arrangements.

I have tried many of the other forms from DIY, but the more customized pages ended up being too busy. In particular, I was intrigued by DIY's Web Design I and Web Design II forms, but they were too busy for a Junior-sized paper. I think they will work well for a tabloid sized paper (11"x14" folded into 1/4 size to fit inside the Junior notebook).

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Very nice.

I need to check out those clear business card sleeves at Staples.
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