circa and moleskine together?

I've got an interesting idea and a question... First, the question... Could anyone who has both Moleskine and Circa notebooks tell me how the size of the "large" Moleskine notebooks compare with the Circa Junior size?

Now the idea: the one thing I don't have yet for my Junior size Circa planner is a good calendar. I've been printing out the calendar weekly pages from this site but don't really have good printer paper and the whole printing/cutting/punching thing is getting a little old (am I allowed to say that on this site?). I've been thinking about getting a Moleskine weekly calendar + notebook (softcover) and using it along with my Circa notebook. I think the two would fit quite nicely in a Circa Zip Folio. Also, the Moleskine weekly is less than 1/2 the price of the Circa weekly agenda.


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Moleskine Large

the size of the Moleskine Large is 8.25" X 5", so it is a little smaller than a letter size piece of paper cut in half whic is 8.5" X 5.5".