Affordable guillotine cutter

Anyone have any ideas for SW Ontario, Canada to get a (relatively) inexpensive guillotine cutter? I've tried the usual suspects, Staples, WalMart, Zellers et al. The cheapest one I've found was at Staples and it was $52.- It was a cheapo plastic thing that looked like it would fall apart sooner rather than later.

Anyone else found one that they are happy with?

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Guillotine Recommendation

I've seen $30 CDN ones in Wal-Mart (X-Acto brand), and they actually work fairly decently. Their $60 one is sturdier, but still has its issues.

A guillotine, though, is one of those strange office supplies whose quality raises sharply (heh) for just a few dollars more. has a guillotine I often recommend --GBC GT II Series Trimmer, 15in.-- for $55 USD (now about $70 CDN, I guess). It's actually a nice balance between cost and function. I cut several hundred pages with the same model a year or so ago, and it had a nice feel and solidness to it, even though it's still medium-weight acrylic instead of wood. It's also self-sharpening (so it'll last for a long while), and it cuts 10 pages at a time with a very clean slice. Unfortunately, Amazon won't ship it to Canada, but you should be able to go to an office supply store with the make and model to order it.

Hope this helps....

all my best,

You should also look in

You should also look in craft stores. Particulary ones that have scrapbooking supplies. They usually have all kinds of paper cutting options.

How about this ?X-ACTO 12

How about this ?

X-ACTO 12 Laser-Guided Paper Trimmer available at for $39

Follow-Up One: I decided to buy

Did some shopping, both online and at local retailers, and decided to jump on this deal.

If you pad your order to $50, you get free shipping, so for a bit over $52 (they add state sales tax), I got it ordered.

Stay tuned. I'll follow-up again when I get it.

Paper cutter

Are you satisfied with this paper cutter? I am considering buying one myself.

Set on guillotine - why not try rotary cutter?

Hey! I just bought a GBC AccuCut A100 small rotary cutter. Under $15 bucks at Office Depot, and came with free replacement blade. Cuts up to 5 sheets at a time (although 3 works better). I've spent the better part of an afternoon/evening printing, cutting and hole-punching, using pages downloaded from DIYPlanner and the rotary cutter - give one a try!

A100 paper cutter

we purchased the A100 paper cutter witch comes with a spare cutter from office depot. In trying to find another cutter/blade for it we have come to a dead end. can anyone help? looks like our only option is to buy a whole new unit or another brand where you can get replacement blades.

Direct to manufacturer

My teacher-wife has an older brand rotary cutter and blades cannot be found in retail. Quick call to manufacturer and they have the blades although cutter is discontinued. Going direct was our solution.

AccuCut A100 paper cutter blade refills

I've had the same problem. Looked everywhere and apparently they don't make replacement blades. I love it but will look for another cutter that is has replacement blades. It makes me sick that it is worthless now yet in perfect condition.

That's the one I got, last

That's the one I got, last year. I like it a lot.

Anonymous, Looks like you'll

Anonymous, Looks like you'll have to convert Canadian $ to American $, and cross the Ambassador bridge/Detroit-Windsor Tunnel in Winsdor, or the Blue-water Bridge over at Sarnia to go to the USA to go to Office Depot or Officemax to find a reliable guillotine cutter at the price you afford. Maybe there's some in Detroit.

Harbor Freight Tools has two

Harbor Freight Tools has two sizes and you can order them online. They are both under $20 when they are on sale and are more like the traditional cutters you remember from elementary school. I prefer it over the others in case of zombie holocaust.