The Bazaar

Isn't the Bazaar just for items that people wish to sell? I see alot of posts in that forum that have nothing to do with that... Can we clean that up and move those posts or is this not a big deal?

Just a thought - my crazed organized brain kicked in today...

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Bazaar suggestions

nay nay,
I think I may be one of the guilty parties in this... I posted about a site I found that had deals on Rollabind products. It was a post about items for sale. Maybe not quite the intended use of that section of the site.

I'm thinking maybe a "Good Deals" section of the site may be good to set up. Otherwise there may end up being information and questions about deals on Levenger, Moleskine, and index cards all over the site.


good deals

Kenny - I like that idea! Great solution!

:) nay nay

With a link...

..for direct deposit of nay nay's paychecks. Just kidding, nay nay! But I for one would love to see your whole collection of stuff!!


ha ha Bob

VERY FUNNY! :) Trust me, you wouldn't get very far on my paycheck!!

My WHOLE collection of stuff??? Well, it would take a trip to MN to check out my basement! I am pretty sure I could fill one room with PAPER and paper related items!!!

I am going to start a new trend here and see if it catches on... Instead of SMILES, I am going to say PAPERCUTS! LOL - I know I am a GEEK!

nay nay

just stuff you currently use

How about just pictures of stuff you're currently using and maybe a description of how?



Most of my stuff is on Flickr in the DIYPlanner group.

Here is the current info:

Moleskine Pocket Softcover Weekly Notebook for personal use.
Moleskine Large Softcover Weekly Notebook for business use.

SIMPLE! I found I was complicating my life with all of the circa and rolla and moving papers and using different sizes. So, I needed to simplify otherwise I was becoming more UNorganized!

(I don't like my "papercuts" sign off... I will have to think of something else...)

nay nay

No Papercuts?

I actually liked that sign-off. Its very clever! Ok, how about this one instead?

"I'll take one of each size, please". LOL



Papercuts sounded like I was wishing you all to get a papercut!

Your sign off though... LOVE IT! :) Made me giggle.

I'll take one of each color,
nay nay

Break a leg?

Papercuts sounded like I was wishing you all to get a papercut!

Well, on Broadway, don't they wish you to break a leg? ;-)

Papercuts and stapled fingers???

Actually, "papercuts" sounds more like a cussword. ;-) As in, "Papercuts! My printer jammed again!" ;-)



I like papercuts as a cussword - Good idea.

Signature Idea

I'm thinking that my signature should be the following.


(Getting Nothing Done)


How about GNDBISTMTOTF "Getting Nothing Done Because I'm Spending Too Much Time On This Forum"?



Shhhhh....don't tell anyone.


ultimate dork contest

Nay Nay...

How about signing off like this?


my artwork| my blog



nay nay

how about

how about using this...

I can has cheezburger and GTD!

now THAT is dorky.

... for the win?...





1 r |_33+ 54uc3 ...teehee XD

my artwork| my blog



l33t i5 t3h total k00|_.

for those of you who don't know what we're talkin bout...

get skooled

(the above link goes to my personal journal on my domain... i haven't updated it in a long time. but that's one of the more sillier things i've written).


Its a Tie...

...between Sara and innowen.


me ^5s sara! w000t. /bow

me ^5s sara!


Uh Ohhhhh....

I actually understood that. Note to self: pad the office walls before its too late.



you all make me laugh way too often. co-workers are always asking me what is so funny - i just tell them they wouldn't get it! :)


l33t5p3ak m4k35 my h34d hurt!

!deatsni sdrawkcab epyT


just two moleskine weekly's?

Do you have room in two Moleskine weekly notebooks to manage everything? I'd go that way too if I could do it. I just caved in and ordered the Junior size Circa agenda. That should do for all my stuff that needs done at certain times... The rest of it, I will definitely have to try not to overcomplicate.

I've tried technology based solutions, but I have a tendency not to stray too far from my inbox. Just about everything else gets ignored. If it is on a paper todo list, it gets a checkbox next to it, and then a checkmark at some point to indicate it is done.


too many notebooks

Once more I'm replying to myself ;-) I'm glad I ended up buying the Circa Agenda instead of the weekly Moleskine. Somewhere in my head I was already fighting with the idea that three notebooks (well, two Circa notebooks and a calendar) would be too much. It'll be so much nicer having all my personal stuff all in one notebook and all my work stuff in another.


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