DIY "zip" pouch

So my current system was lacking a place for me to carry stamps... and this may be unique but I can't live without stamps... Always find that I need one when I don't have any...

Take a snack size zip storage bag.

Take a piece of clear packing tape and attach it to one edge. Fold it over so there is some area where it only adheres to itself (Id say about a quarter inch or so).

Now just punch the edge where its stuck only to itself and TA DA ... DIY Zip Pouch ready for use.

I did one for my Circa set up but this could be used for any system :o)


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got meh blog ... finally


Stay tuned for all my DIY tutorials and random ramblings. :oD

DIY Zip Pouch is my first entry...

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DIY zip pouch

I'm guessing that this would probably be more secure if you used the bags with the plastic tab that runs along the zipper, ensuring that it closes.

Do they come in snack size? If not perhaps you could take a one quart size and trim the bottom since you'll be taping it anyway.

You beat me to it...

I just said the same thing at Sara's blog. Those come in Freezer weight too. Nice and heavy, with a slider, would be just as good as anything you can buy.



Yup... you could substitue any kind of baggies... I just happen to have some of these for bringing snackie foods to work... and I need my stamps with me~! lol.

I would love to see pics if you do make one out of the other options. :)

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good DIY

I tried something like this months ago, but mine was a big flop.
I had just put a piece of card stock in the bag then punched. Did not last long at all.