Business Card Blanks and Holder

I'm looking to buy a "bunch" of business card blanks for my small note gathering. I will use with a fountain pen, gel, or pencil. I will check my small town's business supply but they maybe limited. Any suggestions of where to look for good and cheap stock?

Also recently read about some type of business card holder that was similar to the 3x5 card wallet that Levenger sells. Now of course I can't find the topic. Any help there?
Thanks, Woody

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my tidbit of advice

Contact your local print shops. My shop occasionally has scraps of card stock or heavy index weight papers that would normally be recycled.

You might get lucky and find a place with a good quantity that would part with it for little to no money :o)

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4x6 index cards

This doesn't help with the holder question, but as for business card size paper for taking notes, chopping 4x6 inch index cards into 4 pieces should do nicely.


Backs of old business cards?

If these are just for your own use, then maybe some of your friends have old business cards they could give you (or perhaps some misprinted ones from a print shop). If they are uncoated, I'd probably take a rubber stamp to the face to blot out the distracting type. But that's just ole easily-distracted me. :)

I've used some laser Avery business card blanks (5371) but the card stock is so light, it feels nearly the same as paper to me.

Levenger has Wallet Cards

Levenger has business card size notecards, called Wallet Cards - ruled on one side and a grid on the other. They also have a Slim Wallet Writer pocket briefcase to hold them. Not inexpensive, but high quality, I'm sure. :-)


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Levenger wallet cards

The Levenger wallet cards are very nice. I've been working with all kinds of ideas for this size card, especially when used in a Circa notebook. You can use them as a very small calendar or even a GTD system - one action per card

I'd like to get a wallet writer pocket briefcase and a pack of cards, but at $18 for 300 cards and not sure how much for the pocket briefcase, I want to be sure I'll actually use it before plunking down my hard earned cash.


wallet for capture

My solution to your dilemma of what wallet to use for capture, was to replace my regular wallet with one that has a display for ID *on the outside*. I then cut through the plastic and just fit the blank-business cards inside.

Whenever I have a thought, I just take out my wallet (without opening it) and write on the blank card. Once it's full, I toss it into my physical inbox for processing. I carry a Pilot G2 XS (the small one) in my pocket alongside it.

Here is a similar wallet to what I have on eBay, for £7 ($14)

eBay Wallet

Hope this helps,



Very clever hack~! Never thought about that. :D

I would use that idea but I store my ID in that lil pocket. I'll have to keep any eye out for one with two display areas :)

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Blank Flash Cards

I'm currently using blank flash cards from Staples (around $5-$6 for a whole bunch) along with a nice business card holder I was given by someone sometime for something. The cards are 2x3 and fit perfectly.

Type in "Walleteer" in this site's search, several posts there..

This is one of the posts from a 2006 thread -- the fobster. The pdf has several formats, can be printed on index stock then cut done. I made some, found them to be too small for me, but it was a worthy attempt. Might work for you.

The other post there has many comments about different holders.

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Fobsters are fun

I use a Fobster (business card sized stack of cards) for my recurring lists and items. I find it extremely useful. It's amazing how lists of contact numbers, birthdays, long term goals etc can fit onto business cards. I found it a good way to get rid of "nice to have but not necessary" information.

The holder I use is a simple cloth change purse with a zip, attached to a keyring.
I was using a tiny metal card case with a pin that ran through the cards and let me fan them out of the case. Unfortunately it met a sudden end when I fell down some stairs and landed on my handbag (doh!).

I suggest you have a look in one of those shops that sells lots of cheap nicknacks from China and see if you can find a business card holder, unusual keyring or small coin purse that would work as a card carrier.

This is going to sound a bit

This is going to sound a bit weird, but some brands of birth control pills come as a card of pills in a little plastic wallet. The little wallets don't really wear out once a month so one ends up with a huge supply of the stupid things. They're generally sized pretty well to hold business cards.

Although it might understandably be a little weird to go up to friends and ask them what their birth control looks like, lol.

I used to

My former pill had a sort-of rubber wallet that was the right size for business cards and my husband and I used those to carry our business cards for years. My new pill is an entirely other format so no love there.

Yasmin comes in a little

Yasmin comes in a little gray case that's the perfect size for business cards (or did a few years ago); the outside has a slightly velvety feel. Inside there's a gray pocket and a clear pocket.

Apri, one of the generics for Desogen, comes in a blue plastic folder with one pocket. But, you have to peel the prescription label off (it doesn't come in a separate box) and it's a bit larger.


Perhaps contacting a local pharmacy to see if they have any extras would be a good option :) I know what I'll be using my next 'pocket' for... heheheh. Great idea!

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Local print shop

One near me quoted me $24 (us) for a thousand blank cards, plain white stock
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Passionate-Pilgrim, What are the printing instructions ... ?

What are the printing instructions for that fobster? If my math is correct the paper would need to be 17.5" x 10" to fit the number of 2" x 3.5" cards shown.

Also, is this meant to be whimsical? What's up with the "FSM foldable 'alter'", meditation screen and "invok(ing) FSM by dotting his eyes or us(ing) like a Daruma doll."?


Letter Size

Fobster cards are smaller than business cards. That PDF is a standard 8.5 by 11 inches.

FSM is a spoofish cult thing -- Wiki-Link
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Ygor, Thanks for the link

The Wiki article on FSM is very interesting, as is one of the other articles, about the "Invisible Pink Unicorn" that is linked.

There is, of course, always

There is, of course, always the business section for the printable cards.

Another resource would be Link

[linkified by ygor]

Yeah, it's a site selling braille products and such, but they also sell a small braille slate that is small enough to write on business cards, and the cards to go in it (the link above). They have a package with 50 cards for $2.95 or 100 cards for $5.49. I don't know whether those are good prices or not, though.