Converted Rolodex

After reading a substantial number of posts related to circa / rollabind products, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. However, I am much too cheap to spend $30 - $60 on a punch. So, I came up with my own way of entering into the fray.

There has been one of those old Rolodex phone/address doo-hickies in my desk drawer for the past four years. I've never used it because I keep my address book in Outlook. I figured I would just leave it there for the next person...until now.

It now sits next to my office telephone as my "message center". Instead of writing my voicemail notes down on FC "contact logs", I now use portrait ruled index cards.

I keep a stack of fresh cards next to my Rolodex. When I need one, I simply write the date at the top and jot down my notes. I then pull out my recently purchased Rolodex Business Card Punch ($7.50 at Office Max), punch the bottom of the card, and file the card behind one of three tabs: "voicemail", "returned & waiting for", or "archive".

It keeps my messages organized, and also scratches my circa itch.


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I love this idea... great DIY Hack Bob <3

If possible... I would love to see some pictures... :)

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Thank You

If I had a digital camera, I'd be happy to share some pics. Although it isn't all that spectacular to look at.


There ya go

Good job, Bob.

DIY Love It!

I LOVE THIS HACK! What a cool idea Bob!

Keep 'em coming.

nay nay