DIY Conference & Expo

Wouldn't it be fun to attend a DIY Personal Productivity Conference & Expo? If the Star Trek people can tour the countryside, why couldn't we?

We could bring in folks like David Allen, Merlin Mann, someone from Moleskine, software reps, etc. to hold a variety of workshops.

It might be difficult to retain expo vendors from one year to the next because they would quickly catch on that we're making the stuff ourselves. Although the Levenger folks would probably want to attend. Heck, they might even sponsor the event!

I think it would be fun.


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We would all need a bus each to tote our goodies home ;P

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How about next Spring?

Can we do this next year? I already have my vacation booked. Of course you are all welcome to come to Austin for the conference. But maybe we should show up at Doug and Jennifer's so Doug can let us sample his French cuisine.


When I saw the subject of your post, Bob, I almost SCREAMED! YES, this would be sooooooo fun! I mean to finally be in a room with a bunch of other planner geeks.... oh, a dream come true!

And, yes, we would need a bus to bring everything home!

Hey, don't forget about Renessance Art too! (I always spell their name wrong...)

Paper Dreams,
nay nay

happy venders

For someone "who makes stuff herself" I sure spend a lot of money on paper type things.

I promise to make the venders happy!



I do my fair share of DIY projects. To be honest, if the product is quality and worth the splurge financially... I would invest.

'sides, I always like to have a basis for creative experimentation :P

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that would be so awesome!

That would be great!

I do find myself wondering if there isn't already a conference that would be close enough that we could go and just have a DIY get together? Professional organizers? Time management? Make Magazine?

But yes, a DIY Productivity Expo would be so much cooler.


Convention schwag rules!

Oh I agree... it's totally all about the "toys/tools". My parents used to take me to banking conventions and the amounts of brochures and papers and pens I'd mass... was always ridiculous.

However, if you ask me... we should try and cater to the graphic design conventions. They ALWAYS have the best paper gear; after all, paper companies flock to them.

HOW Magazine always has the best design conferences but alas, I've never been able to attend. A friend of mine went and omg... the things he brought back for me... 2 full playing card decks, papers and sample books from all sorts of companies... stickers. etc. It was heaven.

*sigh* Maybe one day...

graphic design conference

It would be good if we could gear this toward graphic design. I could suggest my wife coming along without her rolling her eyes at me. She's already convinced we have too many pens and doesn't want me to bring home any more pens from conferences. So I brought them to work :-)


pen addict


everyone tells me I have too many pens... but then if we are out and about and someone needs a pen... guess who is always prepared :D

I have made a pledge to use up some of my older ones... why is it pens last forever when you want them to die?! I had a uniball vision last a month after all visible ink was gone >.<

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mmm pens

Need I remind you all about my gel pen article? *giggle* Or the fact that I still have more pens than I know what to do with em.

mmm ... pens.
not just for breakfast anymore.

serious love affair

I have a some of the big ol ink supply gel 0.5 mm tip Foray pens from officedepot. (I liked in my last post about them...)

They are just AMAZING... I write, doodle, sketch, doodle and they line is perfect and there has been no skipping.

Oh and I renewed my love of the classic uniball deluxe micro... ::sigh:: so many pens... so little time.

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yeah thanks to you...


yeah, thanks to you i have a card that says

go find foray pens at local officemax/depot

here's hoping they work as good for me as they do you.
and yes, one of my favorite loves is stioll the uniball vision elites, preferably in green or off blue inks. :)


I think you will be pleased... and just to save you a trip, they are only available at office depot. foray is their store brand... but of suprisingly high quality :D

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Foray vs. Pilot G2 pens?

Any opinion which is better - Foray or Pilot G2 pens? I bought the mini G2 pens to have some pocket size, and have been considering buying the full size version.



The foray gel big tank pen I have now is not retractable. Foray does offer a couple retractable versions though... and if the ink is the same, they should be very nice.

G2s are good... I have heard some concerns about the ink not drying quick enough for some people. I do have a 0.7mm G2 ... some days though, I need a 0.5mm.

The office depot I frequent has the large boxes of pens and the employees will help you open one up and jot something on the little sample station papers... I'm sure you could do a side by side comparison if you asked :o)

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"everyone tells me I have

"everyone tells me I have too many pens... but then if we are out and about and someone needs a pen... guess who is always prepared :D"

I read this to my hubby and he asked if it was my post!

At least 75% of the pens in my purse at any given time are Fountain Pens. I try to have some others for the folks who are skeered of FPs.


Another big question about this would be where to have the event. Someone else posted about doing a meetup at the Levenger store at Tyson's Corner... That got me thinking this conference should be in a city with a good selection of cool stores to go to. Maybe Chicago and take a field trip to that Levenger store?



Yep, I would go!!! :)

How did I know...

....that nay nay would not need her arm twisted to go shopping? LOL


I think I've planned too many events

Either that or I'm a real list-minded person.
When I read Bob's suggestion, I immediately thought of the 10 or so steps involved in the initial planning of such an event. :) Typically the two biggest stumbling blocks are money and schedule. Everything else comes with perserverance and time.

So, yes - it would be fun to attend such an event. As to maintaining vendors - there's more than enough interest in using vendor's products in new and interesting ways. Assuming the expo ran over several years we'd probably see vendors introducing new products at the expo and trying to tailor their goods to our needs.

After all - selling office supplies and fine pens to this group is like shooting fish in a barrel. ;)