Circa Punch Depth?

I am wondering if someone would measure and let me know how far the Circa punch punches into the paper as measured from the paper's edge. Or, in other words, how much of a margin is needed for Circa punched paper?


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Here is a helpful visual I found awhile ago : LINK

The space from the edge of the paper to the top of the "smurf" or cap of the punch is just over one quarter inch (I'd say 7mm).

Hope this helps~! :o)

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Margin for Circa


I use a .35 inch margin on my forms. That keeps the lines a hair away from the holes. If you like more white space, you might like .4".

Half an inch leaves a fairly big white area.


Thanks, Sara and Shris. It's

Thanks, Sara and Shris. It's very much appreciated. Having been convinced that I really needed a Circa punch by the discussions on this forum and the relevant flickr photos, I ordered one yesterday (along with a few rings, of course). Now I'll busy myself making forms to punch until my goodies arrive.

It's been so fun to read the posts here of people who love office supplies. Ever since I was a little girl (many, many moons ago) I have been fascinated with office supplies. While other girls played with dolls or tea sets, I played with my grandmother's typewriter, rubber stamps, and inkpads. When she would take me to Woolworth's and tell me I could buy any little trinket I wanted, I would choose pens, pencils, notepads, and even receipt books. Even though I had nothing to sell, I loved filling out the lines and boxes on the forms.

I have always felt a bit eccentric about my office supply obssession... until now. =)


I still get excited to visit any store's office supply area... A new pen can brighten a day :) I fell into that cycle at a young age and would buy pens instead of candy at the local pharmacy... boy my friend thought I was strange~!

Even now I change my pens with my moods... different body styles, inks, points... all depends on how I'm feeling.

When I was little I would play with checkbook registers and reciept books too. :o) Great minds think alike!

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box of stuff

I found a box of my "past" in my parents basement about a week ago. I brought it to my house to go through everything and most likely toss everything out... The stuff inside was from about 10 - 15 years ago (around high school) and you will never guess what I found.....

.... multiple planners that I had made and discarded (just like now). I found typed forms that I had made for certain classes. Different size paper. A ton of paper that I was trying out. etc...

It was CRAZY! I guess I will never get out of the paper pr0n stage! I just love paper way tooo much.

Then, yesterday I was at Office Depot getting some stuff for the office and a girlfriend of mine called me. Haven't talked to her in a while, but used to work with her. She asked me where I was and I said OD. She said, "OMG it's your favorite store!" I laughed and couldn't believe what a nerd I am!! But, like I said, I just LOVE IT!

Thanks for bringing back the memories of using typewriters, buying pens instead of candy, and, yes, I used to fill out receipt books (loved the carbon copy thing) and also check registers...

Thank the Paper God that there is a web site for all of us to commune!

Paper Dreams,
nay nay