I just have to share this one... I had two books checked out from the library on time management. "Getting Things Done" and "The Now Habit" I decided to read "The Now Habit" first because knowing all my next actions is not going to help if I procrastinate. I get done reading that and start on "Getting Things Done" and realize that it was due. I tried to renew it online, but it wouldn't let me (I think someone else had the book on reserve).

So, in short: I turned a book on time management back into the library late because I had been reading a book on avoiding procrastination instead of the book on time management. I think it's funny and my wife thinks it is hilarious.


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"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I decided you were my Accidental Rabbi for the day when you said:

I've been meaning to sign up for an account, but I put it off until I was done reading "The Now Habit" on overcoming procrastination.

Genuine wildflower irony is rare--the usual product offered is mislabeled sarcasm or simple inconvenience. I hope you feel a glow of accomplishment. :D

And I hope you get as much from Fiore's book as I did!


I once had to go to the library counter and admit that my dog had ripped the cover off a library book. The subject was dog training.

Good one

Who says we "organizational nerds" have no sense of humor !!! I love it.



Now now to avoid procrastination; Get Things Done later.

Probably the best order to go about things nonetheless. I've had "Amazon the Now Habit" in my NA@home list for about three weeks now.

(It doesn't seem to be helping from there.)