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Is it wrong to expect to recieve an intact kit when I purchased a "KIT" ...? The EBay seller seems to think that she is not responsible for the broken box... all that was inside the flat rate box was two thin sheets of paper crumbled up on either side of the plastic case and the plastic case.

I'm getting very fustrated over this... probably a big waste of energy... but what do yall think? I feel like we all "get" eachother... and I'd like to hear your opinions on this. :o)

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Kit of what?


A kit of what? Is it a kit of rolla stuff? What's broken, the plastic tackle box/drawer organizer?

I would leave a negative rating if the seller would not make it right. If a reusable container was damaged beyond usefulness, she should make it right. If she won't give satisfaction, then negative rating--with an explanation that the item was insufficiently protected by the packing materials and damaged in shipment--is a perfectly reasonable consequence. If she doesn't seem like she wants to deal on the damage, then explain that you'll be forced to leave a negative feedback--then give her the exact wording of the feedback you'll leave.

As an ebay user, a brief but factual account--insufficient packing, shipment damage, seller wouldn't refund/replace--is extremely influential and very helpful to future buyers.

On the other hand, if the container isn't supposed to be reusable (cardboard box) then I wouldn't worry about it as long as the usable stuff wasn't damaged.

Consider the cost of replacing the damaged container--if it's a tackle box, then it will cost you around $2 to get another one at walmart or other huge discount place (go to the fishing section, not the craft section!). Don't spend more than $2 of time on your complaint and request for resolution, if that's the case. :)



yeah it was the plastic box the desktop punch kit is in... completely shattered... I had discs everywhere lol.

thank you for the advice :)

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Shris makes a good point about doing the cost benefit analysis on the cost of the item versus the value of your time. I would also point out the possibility of retaliatory negative feedback.

This is the real reason that most feedback ratings are in the 90s and why you should be leery of dealing with anyone with a rating even in the mid 80s since their feedback rating would probably be much lower if ratings reflected small but significant problems such as these.

If the Seller is inclined to try and work things out I think they would be more receptive to a simple email. Just a thought.

I do sympathize. I once had a very expensive hand turned wood bowl sent to me in packaging similar to what you described. I was shocked that it made the trip intact but the poor packaging probably did explain why the Seller had made insurance mandatory.

the suprise

Her feedback was 100% ... thats why I'm shocked she's not replying to my friends emails or requests for some monitary compensation or at least a reply...

sigh. yeah. life is too short and a zip lock bag can hold the discs. The punch wasnt at all like what was pictured BUT it does work :) I have to learn to let things go... lol.

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If your friend paid through

If your friend paid through PayPal, you can lodge a complaint with PayPal. They have a very good system in place there. I recently had a purchase handled through PayPal. The package did not arrive, and I asked for partial refund as I know for a fact the seller did mail out the package, so the non-delivery was not 100% her fault.

As for 100% feedback, I've found the eBay feedback system is skewed towards raving positive feedback!

can you buy the box by itself?

Does Rollabind make the plastic box for the kit available by itself? I would definitely contact the seller and give them a chance to resolve this issue.

If they don't resolve the issue, don't waste time on it. Leave some negative feedback describing what happened briefly, buy a plastic box that will hold all your stuff and get on with life.

Everything is intact except for the case, right?


There is a problem, though

with leaving negative feedback for Sara.

She didn't do this in her own screen name, but under a friend's. If that person leaves negative feedback, and gets retaliatory negative feedback, this goes on the other person's record. Not something I would ask a friend to take for me. :-( For myself, I might risk it, but not for a friend, and I think this is Sara's dilemma. Of course, this is all complicated by the fact that the "kit" is presumed to have the case, which is now in pieces, and if the seller doesn't wish to deal with it...

What to do. You don't want to threaten negative feedback if you don't intend to pull the trigger. Maybe a note to simply say, that if she does not respond to the emails, you will be forced to take further steps, without saying what those steps are. I think that, first off, you ought to try to take it to PayPal or eBay. But again, this is complicated by the fact that Sara's friend must do this--I guess she's stuck here.... I would feel that way, I know.


You might consider...

neutral feedback. Not as bad as a "black mark", but it is a good way to get someone's attention. I have used it on the occasion of having a less-than-legitimate gripe.
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