A free download of Behance's Action Pad!

Behance's Action Method, which was designed to help creative professionals boost productivity, was the source for a bunch of pads they developed. And, they let you download sheets for free...also, check out their method. REALLY INTUITIVE.



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cool! slip method

This is pretty cool. The action things remind me a bit of Judy's slip method but on a smaller scale. I think these are just asking to be Circa-punched :-)


Hey Anonymous !!

Do you work for Behance or what ?
This sounds like a thinly veiled advertisement. The sort I really hate.

I prefer open, honest advertising.
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i was wondering if anyone

i was wondering if anyone else is using the behance action pads? i ordered some of their 3x5 cards and circa punched them. aside from their high quality, i really haven't bought into their action method.
victor solis
gadgetvic (at) gmail dot com


I purchased the 3X5's and the next size up and then downloaded the letter size. I love them all...

The Letter size I am using at work. I track multiple projects at a time, so I put all the actions in the boxes and then as I get calls or emails regarding those tasks, I make notes in the left hand grid area. I have never used the very top box of Prep/Focus. The backburner box contains my someday/maybe stuff or ideas I get that I want to think about more later.

Same with the classic size pad... Haven't used it much because I use letter at work and 3X5 at home...

3X5 I use a card per week. List actions/errands in the boxes and then on the back I list groceries to buy, notes about things I did that week,etc.

I like them so far, especially the quality and the fun colors!!

nay nay

3x5 action cards

thanks for your comments. i'm only using the 3x5 cards, though i wish they would produce a a5 or "classic" ones. the 5x7 sheets are just a little too oddly sized. i find the bright orange color really draws my eyes to them when i'm scanning my work surface, so in a subconscious way, i'm always looking at my todo list.

i'm using a card per day. i have my main to-do/project list on lotus notes, then each morning, i pick from notes and/or our help desk ticketing system as the tasks that i need to complete in the day.
victor solis
gadgetvic (at) gmail dot com