Blueline Notepro notebooks

Has anyone else out there used Blueline Notepro notebooks? I just bought one the other day on accident -- happily, since it was much nicer than what I'd intended to buy! Both a spiralbound and hardbound notebook, it's both able to fold back on itself and the spine can be labelled for storage on a shelf. The paper is archival and recycled; I tried out several pens on it, and it seemed to take ink quite well. Plus it looks professional. And has fun pockets, labels, and tabs! And for all the Canadians on the board, it's made in Canada :-). Anyway, their website is LINK if you wanted to check them out. (Though, actually, checking it out, Staples has a better view of what the notebook looks like.)

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A9 Notebook?

Is it the A9 notebook you're talking about? I'll have to check it out on Staples' site because the Blueline site doesn't like Safari! (I click a link and get a screenful of html code.)

Edit: answered my own question. Looked on the Staples site and it looks like a handy notebook. I like the Index feature. I have an old Avery version of that that inspired an index in my modded Circa/Rollabind junior size notebook (the one I use for GTD stuff).