Storyboard Template for Planning Books

Here's a storyboard template I've been using since my tech writer days for planning/visualizing/outlining books and user manuals:

I made the template in Visio and exported it as a jpg file. Feel free to adapt it for your purposes.

The concept for this storyboard template is common knowledge in the tech writing community and is used for quickly putting together user manuals.

You can map out the whole book from a rough topic outline and put it up on a wall for quick review, editing and restructuring(moving the topic pages around). The team can review it all at once-sure beats sending around last minute word files for review via email that no one reads! A stitch in time saves nine!

More guidance on the application of the storyboarding methodology is available here:
Tracey, James. “Sequential Thematic Organization of Publications (STOP),” Internal report for the Hughes Aircraft Company, 1965, reprinted in the Journal of Computer Documentation, 23 (3), August 1999

See also:
Starkey, Walter S. “The Beginnings of STOP Storyboarding and the Modular Proposal” Proposal Management (Association of Proposal Management Professionals), Fall 2000, 41-48.



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