Hello from the UK

Just thought I’d step out of the shadows and say hello. I discovered this site several weeks after I made the decision to "de-tech", and what a great site it is. I guess I’m like many people at the moment, or at least those who have an interest in planning, organisation, etc. I work in the information technology area and for many years have juggled between Palm devices, iPaq, Outlook, etc. But, for me at least, I have never found that best approach. I tried working only with the iPaq, but how can you take notes in meetings, draw out designs and plans on a tiny screen? Or at least compared to a nice blank sheet of paper (or preferably a white board, but let’s face it those are buggers to carry around). So here I am now going back to where I started, with a trusty filofax, A5 size. And to be honest, I’m loving it. It’s now (over!) filled with templates from this site – thank you! – and a diary, but, controversially some might say, no address sheets. This is my one concession back to the high tech world. I hold my addresses on my home and work PCs. These I sync with my mobile phone. So the theory is that wherever I am I have access to a phone or PC and therefore access to the address book. We’ll see how it pans out.

Anyway, I am in great danger of boring you all on my first post, so I’ll sign-off for now. Great site and great forums.

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not boring us at all!

And I don't think it's controversial on this site to use electronic along with paper. I'm one who does. I use my Palm for time-essential items like appointments and such that need alarms, as well as, like you, for addressess and phone numbers. However, I also use paper for my "inbox," tasks, etc. including adding new names to my contacts. I find that electronic devices are really awkward when entering name and contact info, so I always write it on paper, and then add it into my Palm later. Palms are great for information retrieval, but nasty for data entry. Paper still tops it all (although, to continue flogging this poor, dead horse--my Apple Newton came in a close second! And it was great for writing text, and then sketching on the same "page") ;-)

Well, I'm sure just bringing up my Newton has bored some people, so I'll end by saying "Welcome!"


Another UK Noob!

I think its horses for courses really. Where I work there is already a bit of a covey system in place, along with an unusual Deskfax internal planner, which at a page a day is too cumbersome. I saw on the DIY Planner Flickr pics where someone had produced labels with regular (system imposed) tasks on them, I think thats a great idea.


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YAUN (Yet Another UK Noob)

I just signed up though I've hung around here for a few weeks. Seems today is when UK people are joining too. Like some of the others I've played with diaries, Palm, iCal, LookOut, Google Calendar, etc etc but I rely (aka prefer) on my A5 Filofax. Also like some of the other new UK people my background is IT; worked for many years as a consultant.

First exposure to Planners was picking up a Time/system brochure while on business in Sweden back in 1985/6 and realising there was more to planning than using a week-to-view desk diary.

Recent changed careers (IT got to be so boring) and am now training to be in interpreter. The forms/templates I'd love to see would be "professional development" and "learning journal" pages. So when I'm out and about signing any issues that come up can be noted down for later investigation.

Am using Scribus, Inkscape, and GIMPshop (DTP, vector graphics and image processing packages respectively). Advatange over other better known packages is these are all open source so the costs are much lower. Download times and ... well nothing. Oh yeah and also have OpenOffice.org installed.

Creating some personalised templates for those PDP and LJ things -- so in vogue in my new profession --, which when finalised I'll add here on the off chance that someone else might find them useful.

Also a new member!

Just stumbled accross this site... but I think you will see me from time to time in the future :-)

I agree...

but, my choice is an old (and slow...) TC1000