New 6-ring (4.25in x 6.75in) template set uploaded - Plus OmniGraffle Stencil!

Hi all,

As a thank-you for the wonderful inspiration I've got from this site, and for the help in getting myself organized, I've uploaded a new set of templates.

The ThinkCreateSolve 6-Ring Set is (currently) 20+ refill sheets designed for "Quo Vardis", "Day-Runner Running-Mate" and other 4.25in x 6.75in binders.

The highlight of the set is that it's all made in OmniGraffle and I've included a blank page template (double-sided for left and right hand pages), a 3-to-a-Letter template (also double sided), and my Stencil to allow you to create your own organizer sheets with the ease of OmniGraffle.

All sheets are double-sided, and in nice soft grey tones to make it easy to read what you've written in.

I've also uploaded them as double-sided PDFs for those of you stuck without a Mac.

The list so far includes:

- Book Notes (First-page overview and extra notes sheets)
- Checklist with notes
- @Context checklist
- Conversation log
- Day-minder (appointments)
- Grid notes (1mm / 5mm grid)
- Harmony with notes
- Job search
- Lined notes with margin
- Meeting minutes with notes
- Mind mapper
- Monthly overview (right-hand) / Weekly planner (left-hand)
- Weekly planner (left/right spanning)
- Monthly overview (left-hand) / Weekly planner (right-hand)
(use these last 3 together for a 1st-month/weeks/2nd-month setup)
- Next Steps / Waiting For list
- Owner Information / GTD Methods cover sheet
- Quick Contacts
- Someday Maybe list
- Time log

I've got a project planning set in the works, as well as some basics such as Storyboards, etc. which I'll upload in the next little while.

Please send me your feedback at david at thinkcreatesolve dot com, I'd be happy to take requests, and would love to see what you come up with using the stencil provided.

All templates have been uploaded individually, but I've included the entire PDF set here for your immediate use.

David Szego

ThinkCreateSolve 6-Ring Organizer Refill Set - PDF.zip1.62 MB
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These are nice! I like the layout and chosen font. Indicating the holes is smart.


Nice templates David! Love the font since it is different than most templates! Thank you for sharing these with us!

nay nay

Who "blesses" templates submitted, please ?

I am wondering how long we have to wait to see the individual templates that were uploaded.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Templates are now up, and I've just done some bug fixes (argh!)

Glad you all like them! I appreciate the encouragement!

I've just finished a days worth of bug fixing...

- Standardized the text colours on all sheets, made the contrast a bit sharper
- Made a colour pallete in OS X
- Refined the hole spacing
- Improved the duplex alignment
- Re-did the 3-up-Letter (3uL) template to prevent accidently cutting on the page shadow
- Fixed some box/line alignment issues here and there
- Improved the Week sheets

I've got to do a few new sheets as well. In particular, I find I need a couple of better Project tracking templates for my job, so as soon as I finish them, I'll upload another set.

If anyone has any requests, let me know... these things are a breeze to knock off in OmniGraffle.

Love to see how you're using them (if you are!)... upload a photo or two to: