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This looks neat. You get the books you want - calendar, grid, lined, etc. and they all link together. I might consider this for next year - they don't have a 2007 calendar, and their website is awful. I would also probably want ALL the little books and mine would weigh 40 lbs. when done. (Sigh.)

Lisa P.

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looks nice

These look nice, but I'm a little confused as to how this is cooler/better/different than a zipper binder or folio with a couple nice notebooks (like Moleskine) or better yet a couple Circa notebooks inside? If anyone tries these out, please post pictures to Flickr :-)


Something old... paranoia

An anonymous posting with a link to a page selling stuff.

*SIGH* Maybe just 'cause it is Monday...

"Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you"


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not quite anonymous...

It may say "Submitted by Anonymous" but it isn't really. The end says "Lisa P.". I think Lisa just forgot to log in.

Now if we could just get all those "impossible is nothing" posts to go away...



I can help clean up spam... Doug has given me anti-spam super-hero powers.... point me in the right direction Kenny and I'll git'em goood :P

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Formerly Anonymous

Yes, twas I, legally registered but forgetful Lisa P. Apologies to all. I have no connection to the product I mentioned, except as a possible customer. I saw it in a magazine and thought I'd share.

Lisa P.

They look fun to play with

They look fun to play with for a week or so but I think my circa does it all those do and does it way better. Just my opinion though.
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