a second helping of addiction

FedEx stopped by a while ago with a package from Macy's - or more specifically the Levenger store. I now have the following in both letter and Junior size:

-Levenger pagefinder

-Plastic tab dividers (I got the Junior size ones that were on sale, letter size was in the sample pack Ryan sent)

-plastic pocket dividers (one per notebook is plenty, but they come in 5 packs. Oh well, they can do double-duty as covers)

I also got the Junior size agenda notebook. It just looked so much better than anything my all-in-one printer scanner inkjet can do. Sounds like a good excuse to buy a better printer before I need a 2008 calendar :-)


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So far how do you like the Agenda notebook? I've been thinking about buying one, but haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet. Do you have pictures of it? I can't get a real good feel for it from the Levenger site. Any advice or experiences you have with it would be appreciated.

I really like the Agenda

The Agenda is a great calendar. It has 3/4" black Circa rings, the standard Levenger translucent plastic covers (they look great with an Apple sticker on it), a page for your contact info, 2006 - 2008 one page per year calendars, two pages per month, and two pages per week calendars. I have the Junior size and have had letter size sample pages.

Also included are some useful pages including timezones, international calling codes, lists of holidays. Most of those pages aren't really that useful unless you travel or contact internationally. I've tossed those in a notebook I have for unused forms.

Pictures of the letter size agenda are already up on my flickr account I'll hopefully have time to get pics of the new gear up tomorrow night.

Ryan (an active user on this site and a Levenger employee) has a picture of the Jr. size on his flickr account.