T-shirt Tuesday!

D*I*Y Planner T-shirt
No Template Tuesday today. I want to talk about something far more fun. =) Today is T-shirt Tuesday instead!

My clothing budget is mostly earmarked for all the jackets and thermals a tropical girl needs to survive Canada's infamous winters, but one thing I absolutely _must_ have is official D*I*Y Planner swag.

No, it's not because I write for D*I*Y Planner regularly. It's because I'm completely thrilled by Douglas Johnston's excellent planner forms, and I want to show my support. And yes, I want to see if there are other D*I*Y Planner geeks lurking in Toronto. So: baby doll shirt or canvas tote bag? Decisions, decisions... Check out the D*I*Y Planner store and see what you like there! =)

It's been my general policy not to order shirts from thinkgeek.com and other places even if they have clever slogans. I'm proud to be a geek, but money doesn't grow on trees (at least for starving grad students). But this is one thing I'd be proud to wear _and_ happy to shell out for, because Douglas Johnston is an awesome person.

I'm really annoyed that PayPal doesn't accept my Philippine-based credit card. If it did, I'd pay him directly! Even if I worked really hard, I don't think I'd afford a Franklin-Covey consultant who'll sit down with me and make me custom forms--and Doug's just been doing these things for free. All you lucky people with PayPal, use the Make a Donation link to the left side of this article to show your appreciation with $5, $10 or more! =)

Now to wait for my shipment to arrive so I can wear D*I*Y Planner swag... =)

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It seems I awoke this morning to find that the elves have taken over the shop.... ;-)

Oy. This is what I get when I let you slip an article past me.

Thank you, Sacha.

Decisions, Desisions...

I'm partial to the coffe mug, myself... Nice stuff! What's the tentative release date for the D*I*Y Moleskines?


D*I*Y Planner stickers

Well, there's no D*I*Y Planner Moleskines on the agenda (though that's not a bad idea...). However, you can always slam a sticker with a D*I*Y Planner logo on one, and make it seem more important. ;-)

BTW, tomorrow's guest article is actually about keeping a Moleskine journal. Stay tuned.

all my best,

Good tip!

...and one of these days I'll actually get around to buying a Moleskine and determining what all the fuss is about!


D*I*Y Planner t-shirt

I must put this on my birthday gift list for my family! Does Hamilton count as "Toronto"? I guess not.