Storyboarding My Day

My picture nameGreetings. Well, today is truly dedicated to thinking outside the box. I saw Doug's new Storyboard templates and I was very interested, being a budding filmmaker myself. I used them for a film project and then I started wondering whether they couldn't be used for other organisational projects. As a test run, I decided to use them in place of my normal planner to see if I could schedule my day with pictograms instead of words. Below you'll see how my experiment turned out. My apologies for my poor drawing skills. It's a problem of genetics: I'm ambidextrous and dyslexic, so I can't draw with both hands.

My picture name

My picture name

Well, that's my attempt at paper-based pictographic planning. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could improve on this system (besides the fact that it doesn't actually leave room for me doing any work, per se)? Until next week, keep your pen on the page.

Note: Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions last week for how to improve efficiency at the bookstore. They were all cogent, timely and logical and therefore have little to no hope of ever being actually implemented. Oh well, at least we know.

Steve Sharam

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Storyboard Your Life

You have hit upon a well-kept secret of success! See:

You can also storyboard the major events of your life on a single page- you'll be surprised at the insights that spring out:)

Here's an outline of a 'Life Storyboarding' seminar I gave in my dotcom days:

What? :
An hands-on seminar in making a Storyboard of your Life to visualize
your Past , Present and Future

-Learn a powerful tool to See and Understand where you're coming from
and where you want to go
-Have Fun!

Avi's Life Storyboard Seminar Outline:
1 What is a Storyboard?

EXERCISE: "The story of your Life" - map all the main events in
your life on a single page

2 A Short History of Storyboarding = Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci,
Disney, Spielberg

3 Sculpting in Time = Using Storyboards to map Events, Relationships
and Processes:
-seeing the past(understanding), present(choices) and future
(possibilities) SIMULTANEOUSLY.
-EDITING and PLAY=ease of rearrangement
-Clear Vision of Both Forest and Trees, seeing Relationships and
spotting Missing Links

EXERCISE: Storyboard a Future Life Event

4 Using Narratives and combining Genres with your Life Storyboard
(Mythology, Science Fiction, etc.)

EXERCISE: Use a specific narrative of your choice to envision a
possible future life event

5 Communicating / Sharing with others using Storyboards
(Brainstorming, Review)

6 Using your Life Storyboard as Perspective and Guide


Good idea...

Your storyboard shows only one meal, breakfast. I think you should have more than one meal in a day though. You look very thin, almost anorexic. I mean, my god man, you look like a stick figure!

With work it's best to just start.

It's not anorexia. It's just

It's not anorexia. It's just that I'm a terribly two-dimentional person. We all have room to grow.

Whoa, I've been doing it all wrong!

I have just returned from my usual two hour expedition to the grocery store. :( Mind you, it should not take more than 40 minutes, tops, except for the long lines at the deli, drug counter, seafood counter, bakery counter, check out lines....

But your *brilliant* storyboard revealed my mistake: I keep forgetting to bring along a spear! Next time, next time.

Now, what shall I do with that hour and half I save each week?