funny quote about too many pens

Like many people on this site, I like having pens. I should be able to pick up a pen in any room in my house and write when the mood strikes me. I always pick up the free pens that are given away when I go to conferences and usually bring a copy with me to work and bring a few home.

Not too long ago, I got a couple free pens. The next day I bought and brought home a 3 pack of the Pilot G2 Mini pens. Before I had a chance to show off my new purchase, my wife starts complaining that we have way too many pens in the house. My response "Look what I bought!"

The next week, I went to a conference and of course some vendors were giving out free pens. When I got home, I showed her. Her response "We can't afford all these free pens"

Anyone else have a wife/spouse/signifigant other/family that doesn't understand their office supply addiction?

I'm hoping she'll be happy if we just get rid of all the junky pens and get some nice ones. Pilot G2's definitely seem to be a step in the right direction...


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No worries, mate!


You don't have anything to worry about. I like to collect vintage fountain pens, and when I buy just one pen, I'm in way more trouble than you. :-)

If that's your only vice, your wife should be glad.


Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai


Well, it's not. I also have a somewhat sizable collection of Franklin Covey planners, Rollabind notebooks, and Circa Levenger notebooks as well as receiving catalogs from Levenger and Ultimate Office. Oh well, at least dabbling in this is cheaper than buying new computer stuff every month or two like I used to.

Also, I've never tried fountain pens. I have been considering it after seeing posts on here mentioning them.


On the subject of Fountain Pens

Kenny - if you've never tried the fountain pens, DON'T. My habits are all of yours plus about a year ago, I got hooked onto fountain pens. Just don't even go there is my advice


Run away

I second this comment! You should avoid them completely unless you want to get pulled into the world of vintage vs. contemporary, flexible nibs vs. semi-flexible, the completely endless array of inks that make you giddy and your SO look at you like you're beyond help.

Having said that, fountain pens are great fun. I just discovered two more that were my grandfather's, which will be heading off to the pen doctor very soon. Recommendations to start down this path (don't do it!) are to order a Pilot Knight and a couple Private Reserve or Noodler's inks to play with. Once you have the skills to refill them without getting ink on at least three fingers and the cat, you will be completely hooked.

The worst part is that they're no cheaper than computer stuff. You will have, at some point, an internal conversation about whether a new 400gb drive or a Sailor 1911 would be a better purchase...

The Sailor 1911 of course

The Sailor 1911 of course would be the better purchase! ;)



"To fly, we must have resistance."


I just got hooked myself. I want a Pilot Vanishing Point so bad...


Vanishing Point causes vanishing money :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


And that would be the problem... :)


It was my fondness for fountain pens that got me back into paper planners after a detour into PDAs. And writing on paper prompted me to find this site.

One thing leads to another... :-)

BTW, I have both regular VPs and a Decimo, the slimmer VP available only in Japan. One of those VPs is the Raden, the one with black lacquer and tiny abalone flakes. Almost too beautiful to use.


Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai


You're torturing me. You know this, right? :)

Decimo rules! lol

I have both too - though NOT the Raden (gorgeous though it is...) - and much prefer the Decimo. It is just the right fit for my hand, while my regular VP is just too chunky for me to use comfortably. I bought mine through a web store in Japan, but I think they are also available through a UK pen site for just a little more money.

I'm in big trouble if they ever put out a Decimo in that Raden finish... that is sooo drool-worthy. ;)


There are Decimos on eBay. I'm not sure I need a slimmer pen, though -- I'm six foot one and have large hands. My Lamy Vista is the perfect thickness, even if the grip sucks, and that's an average-width pen from what I can tell...


We can't afford all these free pens

Now that cracks me up :D I consider them a healthy addiction since pens are so much more useful than video games or illegal narcotics ;P

My only fear of having such a large collection of writing instruments is having one dry up before I get a chance to enjoy it properly.

Do you ever have your favorites run out of ink SUPER fast and then have the /okayish/ ones last forEVER?

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I usually lose pens :-(

I almost never have the problem of any of them running out of ink. I tend to rely on either free pens, or the typical 20 pens for $5 packs from BIC or store brand at Staples/OfficeMax/OfficeDepot. I tend to lose them a lot. I've only recently took a friends advice "Buy yourself a nicer pen and you'll keep track of it and be sure to get it back if someone borrows it. Cheap pens you tend to lose and have to buy more."

I just need to go through the house and trash the ones that don't work and give away the ones that work but I don't like. I end up with fewer pens (wife is happy) I end up with the ones I like being much easier to find. Everyone wins!

I only remember running out of ink in a pen twice in my life: the first time was in school I just doodled with a pen until it ran out of ink to see how long it would take. The second time was my Cross Ion pen. It is much harder to lose a pen if it is attached to my keychain.


Do you ever have your favorites run out of ink SUPER fast and th

Those plain Bic pens seem to last forever.

As I look around at my desk full of pens...

... really, I think there must be at least 50. I too share the pen addiction, well all things office supply, actually. My secretary went on vacation and upon her return told me that she usually doesn't bring gifts, but couldn't help herself and handed over a handful of pens from the various airlines and hotels she was at on her tour. I couldn't have been happier than with a handful of free pens (although I like the expensive variety, too!)

I trace the source of my office supply obsession to when I was very young. Some days my dad would be home with me and my mom would be working. He would get called into work for an emergency and would have to drop me at my mom's office for a little while. To keep me occupied, I would color with hilighters, stamp with stamp pads, draw, etc. I even learned to type properly before I started kindergarten! So I tell my parents it's all their fault when they balk at making ANOTHER order from Levenger for my birthday.

Love the "free pen" comment! Sounds like something my hubbie could have said.

privileged childhood...

Talk about blaming it on your parents - my dad worked for Lindy (writing instruments - now defunct I think) and then for a big office supply distributor. I grew up with boxes of every kind of pencil, pen and office goodie known to man... "you can never be too rich or too thin or have too many pens" original quote by somebody famous and modified by:

Lisa P.


Not so privileged, yet kinda addicted...

I wish I could have lived in the nearby... and fully agree with your quote :D

Thank God I'm still that much in control to not let this useful (sort of) passion takes over my budget, or the used pens (except the dear ones), pencils, and whatever writes, take up space on the account of the usable ones.

The same goes for notebooks, post-its, etc.

We'll see what happens after overall budget increases a bit or after the long-awaited Rollabind and other goodies land onto my table...


I never knew until now that i wasn't alone. I always thought it was because I was a frustrated novelist or because I had a desperate unfufilled need to improve my penmanship, I never knew there were so many of us out there. I AM PART OF AN US!!!! a group a collective!No more sneaking around in the ailes of the Office depots and Staples of the world feeling cheap, tawdry, and confused. How many of you not only flip for pens but notebooks and office supplies of many types? does the smell of Barnes and Noble entice you? Yeah, me too. But the pens are the SACRED, my Precious. I even get Calligraphy pens, although being a lefty i am none too swift at the art. I am also guilty of buying Chinese calligraphy brush pens, but i confess i smudged everything. Thank you for having this site, for making this little "pen-o-phile" feel a little less alone.



You are definitely part of the collective!!

...resistance is futile... :D

Just wanted to add a life-sketch: my sister worked in a store of a lady-owner who shared our love for office accessories. Pilot, Pentel,... you name it, the newest edition was right here in no time - the lady was really into it, and into the market. And so near my university and budget :D I still have fond memories from visiting that place (unfortunately, they had to move and make some serious changes in the assortment :-( )

And there are even more people like us, believe me :D

They're everywhere!

I was just at the pharmacy, of all places, where I got into a discussion with a guy really into Japanese stationary and fountain pens. He was the cashier, and I was buying some transparent presentation covers to use in making Circa notebooks. He asked me if they were for school, and I wound up showing him the junior notebook I keep in my bag. Then he brought up the bad paper quality of Moleskines for drawing on, and I brought up fountain pens, and it turned into a discussion of which Japanese fountain pens have the finest line. (He uses a particular type for drawing, which he gets off Some sort of Ohto. I'll have to look it up.)

It was really neat. :)


wow i have over a 1000 pens and yes my SO thinks i am nuts and so do the kids

1,000 pens??!

How did you get away with having over a thousand pens? In fact, how did you get 1,000 pens? Buy them in bulk? Are any of them good? I'm definitely leaning toward having a few good pens around than a bunch of pens now. My wife just wants one or two good pens. I want about a couple dozen - one for each room in the house, a couple at work, and one for each color fountain pen ink I want to use.

Oh, if you haven't got into fountain pens already STAY AWAY! They will eat the money right out of your wallet before you know it.


Pens and things

OH.........I'm so happy to be here. I too am a victim of fountain pen mania. I am aging myself I know, but fountain pens bring back memories of middle school, complete with permanent blue black ink and fountain pens with the little filling doodad on the side....Now I haunt conventions, pen stores, internet stores looking for pens. I am also a collector of sticky notes, all shapes and sizes and all things office supply.....I think I was deprived of school supplies as a child! Yes, you out there who have not yet succumbed; Avoid fountain pens at all costs- they can cost you your trust fund, retirement etc. You will be doomed, as am I to working until you are 90 so that you can get more of them. My annual Christmas present from Hubby is a trip to Paradise Pens...he's always sorry....
J. Lambert

Endless supply

I work in pharmaceutical sales. (Say 'yes' to drugs.) My children have never emptied a pen of its ink supply. Personally I hate ballpoint ! Looks like pencil writing. Uniball Signo and Pilot G2 for me. And one per room is about right.

Ahhhh, the G2

I love my G2's, I sometimes sing to them softly at night, while the snow gently falls upon the fir trees on the hill.

Of course, my wife also thinks that they are great, and that the singing is a little much. So I must buy more of them, and refills, too.

Sometimes she asks if there are too many pens and Circa notebooks in my office, and I simply reply, "It's this or winter camping."

We will never be rich

..because my husband understands the pen addiction all too well. He gave me a Lamy Safari, a funky ballpoint and a moleskine for Christmas!

I'm home!

Yes my fellow pen freaks, I share your joy/pain. A few of my quirks:

-counting the pens in my pen cup when I get there in the morning, and when I leave in the evening to make sure I haven't been robbed.
-if somebody borrows one of my pens I follow them until they give it back.
-nobody in my house is allowed to use "my pens," they get to use to yucky outcast pens that I keep for just that purpose

-and, drumroll husband got me diamond earrings for Christmas, along with a fountain pen and leather journal. I have to pretend that the earrings are my favorite present...

That was great. Had a really

That was great. Had a really good laugh with your comment about the diamonds