Need help to get a Levenger Pocket Briefcase.

Hello everybody,

I have been using PDA for everyday planning. Since it crashed several times I sold it. Now I am looking for a paper analog of PDA. I went through this community and found a good solution for me. Pocket briefcase from Levenger. I am living in Germany and the only way for me to buy it is to purchase it online. I asked the shipment price and it is about 48 USD also I will pay a custom fee (which is pretty expencive).
I am sorry for bothering you, but may be here there is some one who may be able to help me. Is there some who can manage to buy the Pocket Briefcase from Levenger and send it to me? Please contact me via Email: A.Eltekov[at]

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Just curious as to how you

Just curious as to how you plan to use the Pocket briefcase? If you're planning to use it as a replacement for your PDA, perhaps a CircaPDA is a better alternative?

Or a Hipster, Circa or otherwise

Look around this site. You may find ideas you like.

Hey, Chet. Is a CircaPDA and a Circa-fied Hipster the same thing ? I'm confused :0
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ygor A Circa-fied Hipster is


A Circa-fied Hipster is a DIY Hipster using Circa discs, whereas a CircaPDA is a Levenger product manufactured to meet market needs for a Circa Hipster.

Hope that makes sense. :)


that clears it up :)

You da man !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

By cards. I am currently

By cards. I am currently using digital voice recorder + tablet pc to plan small private and job projects. PDA is not reliable after some crashes. Also PDA makes things too easy. I sync my PDA with Pc and all data is transfered. So then I think that if everything is transfered why I need to organize information. Hipster PDA gives me an oportunity to look again on the inforamtion. I tried to use simple Hipster PDA made of A6 cards fixed together by money clip. It works for me better then PDA.

Have you considered using A7-sized?

A7 is, to me, more convenient, as it is smaller--smaller, even, than the typical "hipster". One practical way of getting forms for this size is to use PocketMods ( If you want, after printing, you can either fold them or simply cut them. Somebody has also posted on this site several templates for the A7 size, which you can enjoy looking for. ;-) Since I consider my American 3x5 index cards to be 'gold' I tend to use my A7-cuts of paper for daily work, and save my 3x5s for more "permanent" recording. Heh. I think I even have comparison photos of the two sizes. Let's see what I can find... Here you go.

Just some food for thought...


Affordable Alternative: Buxton Pocket Briefcase on Ebay

Currently there are at least two "Buxton leather wallet day planner organizer note pads" on Ebay. I don't know if the Seller(s) will ship to Germany but I'd suggest you check it out. The starting bids are about $2.95 (U.S.)

I got a "No Name" one for my brother. I think it was made by Buxton but sold with store branding. It probably wouldn't be good enough for the truly discerning but for the difference in price I don't see much difference in quality. Additionally, the Buxton comes with a pen.

Occasionally you will see Levenger wallet briefcases on Ebay. Some Levenger products sell for close to retail on Ebay, probably because Buyers are happy just to save on shipping, but it seems to me the wallet briefcases tend to go for $25.00 or $30.00, and you would save significantly if you only had to pay actual shipping.

Another affordable alternative

Office Depot has a product very similar to the Levenger International Pocket Briefcase (at least as far as I can tell from pictures, having never seen the Levenger in real life). I've been using it as my hipster and wallet for the past few days and have it has been working out surprisingly well.

Here's the link for the product on the American Office Depot site

I don't know if they ship internationally though. They seem to have a site in German but since I don't know German I can't read the site. Here's the site though.

Good luck,

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Pocket briefcase

Just a thought Levenger has an outlet store on ebay and I have seen several items on interest listed. Take a look.

Levenger ebay site is USA only

The levenger eBay site only sells to US purchasers and won't ship overseas

But - Amazon does stock the leatherette, copy, "pocket briefcases" and will ship anywhere.

Wouldn't you have to pay a

Wouldn't you have to pay a customs fee no matter who shipped it to you?