Tips on how to get Clarefontaine notebooks

In arranging the group buy of Clarefontaine notebooks, I asked the Exaclair sales person how we might do other things like this in the future. Here's what I got out of the conversation:

Look at the Clarefontaine catalog. The item listings include packaging information -- how many items come in a package. In the case of the notebooks we are group-buying, they come in packages of 5, 25, and 1500.

I had to order in groups of 5. Any retailer that has an account with Exaclair can place an order for any PACKAGE.

So, as an example, if I want the Clairing A5 notebooks from the bottom of page 11, I'd have to commit to groups of 10, 'cause that's how they are wholesaled (wholesold ?)

Does this help ?

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one more thing...

I forgot to add.

For us US folks, we could start from Exaclair's list of retailers.
I am certainly going to try and hit at least one in the DC area.
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in the event

If you find the A5 (5.8x8.3 inch) variety... give me a hollah... this size is ideal for me (I think).

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