Ever wonder what flying a pen would be like?

The infamous Ryan included this link in an email awhile back and I just stumbled upon it again... Thought I would share it since he never did.


I believe it is an imbedded YouTube clip... there is music so be warned if at work. :o)

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cool video

That is a pretty cool video. I saw it recently. Yes, it has a soundtrack. I don't know if that is built-in Second Life or something Ryan added? One other related thing - is that Ryan demoing the different pens or one of his coworkers at the same store on the March 14th video?

Oddly enough, the buzz around work right now is the possibility of using Second Life as a teaching/training tool. If my computer had a better video card and I didn't already have so much to do, I could probably be playing^H^H^H^H^H^H^H researching Second Life at work. As it is I'll have to mess with it on my own time at home.

In any case, has anyone besides Ryan tried using Second Life or some other digital tool to prototype planner ideas without killing trees and emptying your wallet? No matter how outrageous or crazy it may be...


Second Life as test environment for new product development

    Yes, it has a soundtrack. I don't know if that is built-in Second Life or something Ryan added?

It was added. (It seemed appropriate.)

    is that Ryan demoing the different pens?

;) No, I actually look strikingly similar to the SL avatar in the video. If you make it to Chicago I'll introduce myself.


song selections

I think it means it was a good song selection if I couldn't tell if it was added afterward or not. Next up: flying pens with ipod docks? ;-)

I had a feeling that wasn't you in that video. I just got the feeling that wasn't the kind of person who'd be interested in Second Life. Then again - where I work there are reference librarians who are tossing around ideas about using instant messenger and Second Life as tools to communicate about what equipment and services the library has available. So - you never know...




I'd toss this video [link] over to your team of reference librarians if they're looking into emergent communication technologies. I'm quite compelled by the ideas behind BibliCommons. I think this could provide a nifty new method for viewing the brilliant ideas once scribbled upon card catalog entries into the online world of social bookmarking and tagging.