New Life for the Covey Clutch!

I received my Circa punch and various Circa discs from Levenger yesterday. Since placing my order I had busied myself with making some forms all ready for punching and now my Quarter Page sized Franklin Covey Clutch I bought for $10 at Target has a new life. It's working pretty well, but oh how I wish Levenger had a Quarter Page covers. You can see the results of using 1" Circa discs in the Clutch here: LINK. I uploaded ten photos, but it looks like I posted them backwards, so make sure to look for all ten if you're interested.

Quarter page seems to be the size for me. Classic is just too unwieldy to carry around. 3x5 is just a bit too small for the info I want to capture. Quarter page is just right. (I feel a bit like Goldilocks in saying that.) In addition, I can print directly to Quarter Page size with my Epson printer (not so for 3x5).

I must add that I was quite amazed at how easily the pages turn on the Circa discs. I wasn't quite sure if the discs would actually work that well, but I can't stop flipping the pages back and forth. I just love it! I never would have found out about smurf punching without this forum. Thanks to all. I may never comb bind again.


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I like the "Spine"

I think that's how the Rollabind storage binders work, but I have yet to buy one to find out
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Thanks for the pics

I love the spine!

I've been using circa for about 6 weeks now and I know what you mean about just wanting to flip the pages. I also like moving them just because I can.

spine inspiration

I found this website with some ezine for the bindery trade, with an information page on Wire-O binding, and some Rollabind amongst many other interesting and inspireing articles. It is a frame site, so I have to direct you to the pages. When you get to the site, click on the tab 'Information Centre', and there click on the top left link 'finishing touch'. Issue two has an article 'The World of Wire-O Binding' (I know, sad isn't it, when you can get excited over a bindery trade magazine?) with some ideas of how you could wrap a rolla book in various ways, the principle still works when using the spine slits for discs. By creasing the wrapper in different ways, you can get different effects, even an easle. Issue one has a brief article on Rollabind.

Thanks for the inspiration


Thanks for the spine inspiration. Great link! It makes me want to get busy trying them out.

I constructed my spine specifically to solve the problem I was having with slipping separated covers into my planner (more info in my post HERE). It wasn't until I saw your photo (HERE) that I realized the idea could function as a standalone cover. I made one up and noticed that there is a great benefit to this type of cover because the rings stay well in place even with no paper in the cover. This means you can make up an empty cover that has substance even before you add any pages. This is great! Thanks for posting your photo.


Quarter letter


I like the quarter letter too, but I find it confining in some cases. So I have constructed fold-outs for mine.

One is a letter-sized sheet, laminated on both sides. I've sliced it in one spot to make the folding easier and less bulky when closed. This sits on my left hand page when my book is open to the current day. On the right hand page I have my daily pages, and at the back of the month I have a half-letter (classic size) foldout that gives me the month at a glance. The back of the month is the year at a glance, and if I lift the daily pages, next to the month is the month's 'action list' that has birthdays and stuff preprinted.

So on my desk I have essentially a portrait letter sheet on the left and a classic landscape sheet on the right, with the discs running between the two. Most of the time my book stays on my desk, but when I need to go somewhere the pages fold neatly inside (and I've punched the 'other' edges to lock in the pages when folded) into a quarter-letter package that fits neatly into my purse. Small and large at the same time. :)

I really like the 'foldout' concept. It's not new, but I might win a prize for the largest ratio of foldouts. If a book ordinarily has two pages showing when open, mine has six. :)

I am interested in the spine concept. My book just has plastic front and back covers, no spine. I like the ability to fold back, though of course I never do with my foldouts spread-eagled all over my desk. :) I also like the lightness of the plastic covers and the custom papers I can use for decorating the exterior view.


Neat Idea!

Shris, can you share some pics of your fold out bits? Those sound like some great hacks - I especially like the idea of the edges being smurfed to lock back in when it's folded up.


Yes, Please Do!

Yes, it would be great to see some pictures of your foldouts. That's a great idea that I'll put to good use. Yippee! A reason to design more forms. =)

I like the lightness of plastic forms and the ability fold back also, but when I throw my planner in my backpack, I like the snap closure to hold everything together. How do you hold your notebooks together (or do you need to?) I also like to have a pen loop. Covey actually makes a nice leather clutch planner with thinner covers in a deep red color, but it does not hold as much. When I lay the covers down one above the other, the leather cover is 1" shorter in the length overall. Circa 1/2" discs fit well in it. It is very nice to touch and smells wonderful too. I was going to return it, but was only $20, so I think I might try to find another use for it. It might make a nice portable portfolio of my photographs printed on 4x6 photo paper and trimmed down a bit to fit.


Photos of foldouts


Sure, I'll post a few pics on flickr in the next couple of days.

On holding the book closed..
I don't.

When I'm using it at my desk, it sits open on the desk, flat. When I'm carrying it in my hand, my hand holds it closed. When it's in my purse, the purse holds it closed. Other items in my purse are kept in pouches or pockets so I don't have trouble with conflicting contents most of the time.

I don't put anything loose in my planner at all. It has no pockets or sticky notes--everything is punched. No paperclips or other fasteners either. Bits of paper that need to be transferred into my planner get stuffed into my purse (since I only get bits of paper while I'm out) and then moved to the inbox. If I'm at home when I discover an item to add to the list or schedule, I write it in. Any forms or other bits of paper that I need to take with me somewhere go in a letter-sized multi-tab plastic folder with an elastic band so nothing falls out. I rarely have to use it.

I work from home and I have two toddlers, so I rarely leave the house. Folks with on-the-go systems and lots of loose stuff to incorporate would probably appreciate a zipper (as I used to).

On pen loops, I use a self-adhesive 2" plastic tab (the ones with insertable labels) as pen loops. The clip of my pen slips inside the plastic tab and it stays very secure until I remove it. I like G2 minis when I'm out because they're roughly the same length as the planner. They don't stick out. At home I like a full size G2.


Foldout Photos Posted


Several pictures on flickr, *here*.

Planner open, planner closed, foldouts in various stages of fold and unfold..




Thanks for the Photos

I love your geeky photos. Thanks for posting them. This really opens up new possibilities for the quarter page format.


Super Duper!

Thanks so much for sharing the pics, shris. Some great ideas there. I use a Classic, but can still use a foldout from full Letter size. I was going to ask about the removable marker - looks like a nice fine point - but then I saw the Zwipes comment. One other thought - in your sample monthly foldout you had holidays listed, but no dates on them any particular reason why not? Is that half of the page also a mail merged product?




Let's see.. The questions.

* Marker--yes, I use Zwipes. You could also use an overhead projector pen (the wet-erase kind) but it would be a little less precise and require more pieces to make it work (pen, qtip, water supply, dry tissue). The zwipes is a nice fine tip, for a marker. The pen itself is bulky, but I don't care--it's not a pocket item, it's a desk item. You could just as easily use plain paper for your foldouts so your normal pen/pencil would work--then just replace the foldouts every so often when they get full/worn. I haven't used one in ages, but I'm sure they still make erasable pens..don't they?

* Holidays on the month: I didn't have the individual dates showing because I hadn't bothered to look them up prior to printing out the month. Those particular holidays are on different dates each year, so it was more a marker to remember that the holiday is in the month than a specific date reference. I also couldn't remember the basis of repeat for those holidays (1st sunday, 4th thursday, etc.) But you could easily put in the date reference or the basis calculation. I was experimenting, so I didn't spend a lot of effort on it the first time. I might or might not next year, if this format lasts that long. :) Next year I intend to replace the data in the date cells of my spreadsheet rather than make an all-new file. I would rather have no-date for the holidays that move than forget to update one and have a wrong-date. YMMV.

* Monthly page, left and right halves, are both in the same mail merge document now. I simply added a column to the end of my data file for the reminders (all the reminders are in the same cell with line feeds inserted). Then I made the page bigger on my monthly merge--in two-column format. On one half of the page (the calendar) the picture is in the background of the page. On the other half the page (the list) the picture is the background of a table object that has just one giant cell. I set the font to be the right size & spacing to fit the lines in the picture (through much fiddling).

You could make a picture that contains BOTH the list and calendar images side by side to get around the sort of kludge I made, but my kludge allows for a variable margin between the two halves of the page. I wasn't sure how big I wanted the margin to be when I set it up.

You could also keep the two halves of the page as separate mail merges (or even NOT mail merges, regular forms!) if you wanted, but then you'd be running the same sheet of paper through the printer three or even four times, and that gets messy/risky if you have a laser printer (like me). They don't like recycling--the paper's humidity is wrong and the flatness is gone.

Really, what you have to do is think about the bits of data that you look at often or touch often and decide whether it would be handy to have it flapping around like elephant ears all day long.

With Circa/Rolla, you can have foldouts all over the place regardless of the size paper you use for your regular pages. You don't *have* to have a full-size sheet for the 'anchor'--it could be just three rings deep and an inch or two wide to keep the foldout stuck to the book. That means if you have a Classic book, your foldout could stick out the top or bottom by 3/4 of a letter size page--as well as having a letter-size page bound the usual way. It requires some more creativity on the folding end and form design end, but if it's reference data you won't have to make new pages that often. Heck, even if you have a letter size book you can have foldouts made from letter size paper.

The easiest way to make a foldout is print whatever you want on the normal paper you use, then tape a few of them together so one is anchored and the rest hang out like ears. You could have a *lot* of ears hanging out. That also gives you a little folding and experimenting room. :)


Lots of Info, as always...

Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed response. As usual, you've gone above and beyond what one would expect. Someday when I have lots of time to play, I'll dig into the mail merge system in Word and see what I can do with it. For now, I make due with monthly and weekly forms someone else made up and put up here. I haven't had gone too far into tweaking/designing my own.

Theoretically, I have the rest of the year to come up with something just perfect for 2008, right? :-) I'm SURE I'll be able to settle on something and be happy with it all year. NOT!

Thanks again,

Foldout idea is terrifice with Classic size, too

I used it to good effect with my Classic binder last year while traveling. I would get my directions on Mapquest, and print them out "2-up" on standard paper, both sides (it really helps having a duplex printer!). This way, you can get up to four pages of directions onto one piece of paper (seldom did my directions ever go beyond three pages). I would hole-punch the top margin, and fold them so that the holes were left "open", making the page a tad big--or I would slice off one margin, so it would fit completely. I did this a lot, actually, both by printing 2-up, or simply folding and punching.

However, sris, your system takes this to new levels! ;-) (now, if only Flickr would come back online, so I can see the _rest_ of the new photos!)