My First Moleskine

I finally did it. Yesterday I purchased my first Moleskine Squared Notebook (pocket-sized, of course). 192 luxurious pages on which to write....something. I am now caught in the familiar trap. What shall I use it for? It is way too cool to use for work, but I don't have many inspirational thoughts that need capturing.

I've been using Moleskine Cahier notebooks for work, and will continue to do so since they are so thin and easily fit inside my leather Daytimer Credit Card wallet along with my monthly calendar.

But what am I going to do with this new Moleskine? For now I am content to pull it out of my desk drawer, look at it, feel the paper with my fingers, then return it to the drawer. Eventually I'll figure out a use for it.

If not for work, how do you use yours?


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My Moleskine...

...contains my thoughts as I read my Bible and listen to sermons at church. My hope is to someday pass it along to my son (if I would be so blessed) or to my nephew (who is like a son to me). My hope is they can learn from all my mistakes!

get creative

Write down anything that comes to mind... little rhymes or quotes or something that tickles your fancy.

Maybe create a memory book for your children? I am urging my parents to create a memory book of things they did as children... memories of family, friends, and events that made an impact on their lives... I wish I had something like that from my grandparents...

You could create a "Books I've Read" log... or Movies or Theatre etc etc :D

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Get Creative

I write down stuff in mine. Anything I have on my mind, or get stressed about, or am brainstorming about. I wouldn't worry about just writing down the "Great Insperational Thoughts." Most of what I write is crap, but, every once in a while, I like to thing I have something good. And that one good thought usually only comes out because I'm writing. If I refused to write the crap until I had a good idea, I'd never have the good idea. Just relax and start scribbling, there are more Moleskines out there, and just think of how much better the one you have will look when it is filled.

Lisa PT

P.S. I realized that there is also a Lisa P on here. Lisa's are taking over!

It took me a while to

It took me a while to "de-preciousize" mine when I first bought one. I couldn't figure out what to put on the first page - so I ended up just skipping it! Silly, I know, but it just seemed like I had to start on a grand profound note. Now, of course, it's a *notebook* just like all my others, but that first page was a toughie. (Btw, that page is *still* blank in that one.)

Others I've started by putting a quote on the first page, or a picture of some sort.

Enjoy yours! They are great fun to use. :D

Dumping Dirt

I read somewhere about a guy who dumped dirt in every new car so it wouldn't be new anymore. The same idea was recommended for notebooks by just writing anything. I did that for my first Moleskine and never looked back.


LOL. I always leave the first page or two blank to. "Just in case."

Lisa PT

First Page

It is funny to see how many people leave the first page blank, but I have done that in other notebooks too.

I like your idea of putting a quote on the first page. One of the best I've seen was on a blog signature. It read "If I had a cool quote, I'd put it here". I may use that one

Thanks for the feedback!