Where to buy Waterman fountain pen nibs

A while ago I bought a Waterman Phileas fountain pen with a medium nib. I love the pen, but from what I've read, I'd like to try it with a fine nib. Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement nib for the pen without having to buy another whole pen?


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Me Too

I also bought a Waterman Phileas fountain pen with a medium nib. It was a Christmas present to myself. While I have considered getting a fine nib, I seem to remember reading somewhere that one should not attempt such an operation on their own. I may heed that advice since I don't want a leaky pen. Maybe I'll just buy a Levenger True Writer instead.


I'm not sure we're talking

I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. By "nib", I meant the entire piece from the point that touches the paper to the plastic threads that screw into the barrell. It doesn't seem like any sort of operation to replace that and I can't see how that would make it leak since I often unscrew that part to see how much ink is left and top off the converter.

Do you mean just replacing the metal part? I didn't even know it was removable from the plastic.

BTW, do you know that black plastic unscrews from the bottom of the pen? It seems like that hole must be there for a reason but I have no idea what that reason is.

We Better Ask Sardonios

He seems to know a lot about pens. If there is such a piece, then it would be very easy to replace. I'll check on that hole in the plastic you are talking about when I get home. I keep my fountain pen with my journal.


You want a "section"

And you still might want to explain that you want the whole nib-and-section assembly.

How long have you had the pen? You might try contacting Waterman: 800-237-8736

Do you procrastinate?

Phileas Nib

I ran across this page in a Google search aimed at figuring out if I could buy a nib assembly for a damaged Phileas pen.

I called Waterman today at 800-237-8736, 10/31/07, and they want $30 for a nib assembly.

I bought the pen on sale for about $30, so I think I will look for another deal, or maybe get something used off ebay where they can be had for under $25 shipped.


help is near

Fountain Pen Network

GO there... browse a bit... if you can't find the answer do a search... still can't find it ask on one of the forums. :o)

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Thank you Sara. I have a

Thank you Sara. I have a feeling about about to lose a lot of time :)

Nib change

Call Waterman at the 800 number, I recall reading that they would exchange the nib if bought within a certain period. This was posted on Fountain Pen Network

Or have it reground?

Into a fine nib, or a stub, or italic, etc., by one of the various nib masters that you can find via the Internet. Deb Kinney, Richard Binder, John Mottishaw, Dillon Ang, etc. come to mind. It would cost more than a replacement nib/section, but would result in considerable value added to the nib if you're interested in greater character and line variation. Richard Binder's site is a good place to learn more about that and has some pictures of what some reground nibs would produce.

For the cost of the nib and section that was mentioned, it would probably more cost effective to buy a second Phileas with a fine nib. Personally, I find the Phileas fine nib to be quite fine, almost something like an extra-fine, while the medium is quite wide for a medium, closer to a medium-broad. You might actually want something in between.

www.pendemonium.com sometimes has Phileas pens with custom-ground nibs for sale.

My tuppence,

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Daly's Pen Shop

While walking through the Grand Avenue Mall in downtown Milwaukee a month ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes fell upon a store named Daly's Pen Shop. I could scarcely believe it!! A pen store? Only an hour from my house?? I walked into the store, hands trembling with anticipation. I was in heaven. They have a website, too. www.dalyspenshop.com. I subscribed to their electronic newsletter, and that's how I was alerted to one of their sales. $50 later, I ended up with a new Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen. The sale price only applied to the fine nibbed, comet red colored pen. Perfect! That's what I wanted. Strangely enough the pen in the display case had a medium nib. The sales clerk reached into a box of nibs, and voila....a fine nib fountain pen was created. I bet they also have fine nibs for the Phileas, as they also sell those. You may want to contact Daly's.


I like Daly's.

I've placed a few orders with them, and have always been happy with their service.

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Fine nib is perfect

I have a Waterman Phileas that I use every for my everyday pen and the fine nib is fab. Good move!

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so tempting!

I must admit that my time here has been severely limited since starting my new full time job... and i only just read this~!

I am seriously going to add this to my places to visit once I have some spending money... do they have any pens like the Lamy's? (under $50?)

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FP nibs can be replaced

Fountain pen nibs - the metal thing itself I'm referring to here, not the assembly - can be replaced. I've done it several times myself. However, you have to find the right size nib. The process was simple, no tools, in each case the old nib came out with gentle tugging, and the new one slipped in like a glove. No leaks, in fact, the pens worked quite a bit better after the operation. I did this with vintage and new pens.

So I would say that in principle, if you could find a Waterman nib or something close to the same size and shape, it could be done. However, despite my success - I can concur that it's difficult to experiment with something that would be $30 down the drain if it didn't work out. Pendemonium sells nibs (www.pendemonium.com) and whole front end assemblies can be found at www.arizonasilhouette.com/Fountain_Pen_Nibs.htm but these are more for standard pen kits -- but one might fit.

I have a Waterman Phileas myself with a medium nib, and I agree, to my taste it writes like a crayon. I'm truly sorry I have it - but I have not altered it in any way yet.

i hate my life

After three tries finally found a pen,... the waterman hemisphere. my boss ran into me while i was holding it, it feel on the hard tiles and now the nib is completely ruined. (not the entire bottom part just the actual metal nib.)

so now i need the metal part replaced. can the fountain pen hospital do it? does anyone know of any place in NYC that can do it.


Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.


Ouch. You have my utmost sympathies. I would contact the Fountain Pen Hospital.

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my boss le jerk

and the he was like "just buy a new one" oh i wanted to kick him in ze balls.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Go ahead

...and expense it to the company :) Or just hand him the bill.

He has to realize it wasn't a bic.

Just a thought!

i tried

but all i was offered was 10$ but a nib replacement section is $30 and would take me 4 weeks to get from waterman.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Me too

In fact, it was a very similar incident which led me to try replacing, with some success, just the nib of a pen. But, I experimented on a much less expensive pen, and I'm not sure I would do it on an expensive one until I know more. The Fountain Pen Hospital is great, I've used them several times and the pens came back shining and beautiful as well working like a charm.

Waterman Hemisphere nib

I dropped my Waterman Philias on a concrete floor several months ago and was able to purchase a replacement for it, and it was like new again. Now I want to replace my Hemisphere nib--because it dries out too quickly when the cap is left off. But I forget where I got the nib last year. I thought I called their factory in Janesville, Wis. But would you recommend that I try Dalys in Milwaukee instead?


Mine ended up getting stolen

Mine ended up getting stolen by a lawyer at work. It was really upsetting, she took it right off the judges bench where I'd left it at lunch.

I eventually bought a replacement on eBay, it was fine point and $28 shipped, I don't think I could have had a replacement nib that cheap.

Waterman Hemisphere nib

I am from India, my waterman hemisphere medium nib got broken.
Is there by any means I can get just the metallic part and not the whole nib section???

pen nibs

i was sorting through an old button box yesterday and came across a steel tube there is som writng on the side it is full of various pen nibs of high quality is there any one out there who collects them sincerly mary

Waterman pen nib replacement

Contact Pen City in Melbourne. Their and range is service is great. www.pencity.com.au

Waterman pen nib HELP

Hi.. How do I ascertain the model of my waterman fountain pen as I would like to buy a Extra Fine nib and need to know the model before I can begin to make enquiries. It's about 10 years old and made of metal lacquer with a marble type pattern. Thanks heaps

Waterman nib disasters.

If you live in the U.S, I would suggest you contact Pendemonium.com

They do nib grinding, they are cheaper and faster than most "nib masters".

Pendemonium nib grinder has 50 years of experience.

Sam and Frank, own the Pendemonium brick and mortar store in Fort Madison in Iowa as well as the online shop, they are always happy to help.

I am not affiliated with them but I have always received great service from them.

Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen Nib


I am a pen collector and I love using fountain pens. I know the following...

You can get the nib from the following stores:

1) Shopper's Stop, Anywhere
2) Lifestyle, Anywhere
3) William Penn Store, Hyderabad Airport and Mumbai Inorbit Mall, Malad.
4) Deccan Pen Stores, Hyderabad

Nib for Waterman Hemisphere

I too am looking for a new nib for my Waterman Hemishpere. I can only blame my own stupidity for damaging the original nib. I found one on the web for $64, which seems a bit steep for a pen that costs about that much. Any ideas where I can buy one over the web or over the phone for a more reasonable price?


For fountain pen troubles, I suggest the Fountain Pen Network

The forum is very eclectic, from owners/users of reasonably priced school pens to collectors of mint Limited Editions.

There are people from all over the world, users, retailer, e-tailers, repairers and manufacturers are represented.

Some collectors buy and sell pens on a regular basis and make it available on the Marketplace (the buy and sell subforum) which includes pen parts.

New users can post and access the Marketplace only after signing up. A member must have at least 30 posts and be registered for 30 days before they can post sales in the Marketplace.
(those precautions are set up to avoid spammer)