400 wallet size notecards for less than $1

I've been experimenting with using wallet size (business card size) notecards as part of my planning system for a little while now. I experimented with a few ideas and quickly went through my small batch of wallet notecards from Levenger. I didn't want to spend much money until I figure out what works and what doesn't with these things.

I made the happy accidental discovery recently that I had bought a pack of 4x6" index cards when I meant to buy 3x5" index cards. Chop them in 4 pieces, and you have just the right size. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and found a pack of 100 4x6" blank index cards for 92 cents. I used a pencil and a ruler to mark the center (horizontally and vertically) used scissors to cut a few cards, and Circa punched them. Smurfy!

The extra good news here is that these cards don't seem to be as thick cardstock that index cards usually are. This makes them work better on Circa rings. I think these are Oxford brand but I don't know the weight or anything else and won't be able to check until I get home from work.


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Thin Oxfords

"...these cards don't seem to be as thick cardstock that index cards usually are."

I'm glad you said that. The last time I bought Oxford notecards from Wal-Mart I thought they were a bit flimsy.


That is a great idea and I

That is a great idea and I use a stack of those quarter cards held with a binder clip as my address book. One contact per page, so it's simple to keep everything in alphabetical order.

The only downside is those cards have horrible feathering with my fountain pens.

Index Cards

The Oxfords - I have found to feather with FPs too. Walmart carries both Oxford and Mead, the Meads do not appear to feather with Fountain Pens