Pen Transport

I have a question for the non-purse-carrying people in this group. When you are out and about, and don't want to lug a planner with you, how do you carry your pen?

I don't often wear shirts with pockets, and stuffing pens in my pants pockets doesn't work well.


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Choose the right pen...

I have a Cross Ion for those times when it's a choice between my pants pocket or no pen. Those are also the times when I use a small business card wallet for my mini capture cards, rather than my Levenger shirt pocket brief. I don't like to stuff that in my back pocket and sit on it.

You just can't use a long pen in those cases.


Cross Ion or Pilot G2 Mini

I'd recommend either a Cross Ion or Pilot G2 Mini pen. I've used a Cross Ion for a few years, and it is one of the few pens I've used enough that I needed to buy a refill. Clipping it onto the keychain really cuts down on the chances of it being lost. Also, I recently discovered the Pilot G2 Mini pens. These are very nice, inexpensive, and smaller the the Cross Ion. If only they had a way to clip on the keychain. Pictures on my flickr account Keep in mind that Cross Ion pen in that picture is around 2 years old and I carry it in my pocket with keys every day. It is a little beat up - one of my coworkers thought I chewed on it.


Cross Ion, eh?

I can't find any Pilot G2 Mini's with just your basic black ink at any of the local retailers. I've found them with crazy colors, but no black ones. I haven't checked into the Cross Ion, though. Guess who's going shopping today...?




My blue G2 mini came in a four pack with green, red, and black. There was another four pack available with maroon, teal, pink, and purple, I think.


eye candy


Staples around here carries the G2 pens (both mini in full size) in black (both single and 4 packs), 4 pack of colors (black, red, blue, green) and 8 pack of colors (4 pack plus funky colors).

The Cross Ion is quite a bit more expensive then the G2 - around $20 each last I checked, but you can get refills in different colors. The one I have is plastic with a rubber grip. I think the new ones are metal with little rubber grippers. I wonder if the metal ones hold up better?


Cross Ions

I just ordered myself an Ion for $10.95 from, of all places.

I also ordered two letter-sized binders plus tabs and slash pockets from Rollabind. (They're for school.)

I am an office supply lemming, apparently.

...and alternate locations

Yes, try the Ion or the famous bullet-style Fisher Space Pen. You might try something telescopic or expandable -- I picked up a two-pack of the Zebra F-301 Compact at my local office supply store a couple of weeks ago.

What kinds of shirts do you wear? I often clip a pen in the placket of a polo shirt, if I don't have a shirt pocket. For T-shirts, the pen at the collar is sometimes okay and sometimes aggravating, depending on the fit of the shirt.

Do you procrastinate?

Depends on what you call a purse

When I'm at work at a local college (translation for non Brits: equivalent to a trade/high school) I use a messenger bag. Inside are an array of pens --- all uniball Signo gel grips because of the grip; my job includes taking lecture notes for students so I need pens that are comfortable to use for long periods of time. However, those are spares. The one I will use is in my trouser pocket ready to go. Quite often I have a spare in there too. Need it there in case of switching from signing to writing; can't afford the time to go rummaging in the messenger bag for a pen. On the few occasions when the trouser pockets are not deep enough to accommodate a pen I clip it to the lanyard of my staff ID card; but getting it off of there is nearly as slow as retrieving it from the bag.

My planner is also in the messenger bag. It's an A5 6-ring binder from either Time/System or Filofax branded with the name of an ex-employer. Only ever use a pencil with the planner; there's a loop stitched into it which is just the right diameter for a mechanical pencil.

The problem for me is not so much what to do about a pen but weight of the messenger bag. With all the stationery needed for my job, plus extra pens, calculator, geometry set, my lunch, a book for "downtime" and a fully-loaded Filofax it's really heavy.

On the (now sadly) rare occasions when I travel in mainland Europe I use one of those man hand-bags so loved by Europeans and surprisingly useful. Not yet found one large enough to take my planner though. So the messenger bag comes along too.

I got one of those Franklin

I got one of those Franklin Covey task wallets (basically just a cheapo version of the international pocket briefcase from Levenger) and have been using it as my hipster and wallet. It has a pen loop in it and the whole thing folds up into something not a whole lot larger than what I was using before. It's been a whole lot better than just jamming a pen in my pocket all the time and I'm losing less pens now.


I always try to have a wallet that holds a pen. I prefer a slender all-metal Cross. They hold up well, without bending or getting kinks. Wallets I've used have all been DayTimer brand wallets for use with their wirebound pocket 3x5 books. I haven't used their books for years, but would keep 3x5s in them. I eventually migrated to my Newton, and kept a pen in there, but now, with my Palm, I have a telescopic combo stylus/pen. But I also now have a nifty ductster wallet, with a fake Cross that somebody gave me several years ago. That's what I carry now. and it works fine...


I'm the ultimate geek

I wear a lanyard with a Zebra telescoping pen on it :)

i have one of these


expensive for what it is, but very thin and always in my wallet.

i would not want to write a novel with it as it is too small, but for notes it is great.