Signs That You Need A Vacation

Signs You Need A Vacation
Greetings all. If you're like me, you may be insane. That is to say, after slogging through work all Winter, your nerves may have become extremely frayed and as a consequence you may have lost your mind. Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone. I've also lost several important pieces of paper, so there's sort of a motif going here. With me I think it was the total lack of sunlight for months at a time. At this time of year, many people feel that they're in need of a vacation, but aren't sure if they may have a small amount of sanity left they can yet work through. Here's a checklist to help you determine whether you've lost your mind and should go on vacation.

Do You Need A Vacation? Try This Checklist:

  • You're having repeated nightmares that you're lost in a maze made of jello.
  • No one wants to ride the elevator with you.
  • You hospitalized the last person who criticized your choice of fonts.
  • You've started having long, animated discussions with George Washington.
  • You believe Hairy Potter is real.
  • Your family hid the knives.
  • Last time the printer failed, you went into a two-hour long screaming, crying fit, whimpering, "Its not fair....I, I just want to print."
  • You're writing cute little haiku poems about the Manson Family.
  • You made a suggestion for a corporate retreat wandering in the blisteringly hot desert for 40 days, contemplating the meaninglessness of existence. You want to do this only for the sunlight.
  • You spend a lot of time at home stoking and staring into the fire and you don't have a fireplace.
  • You're considering signing up for an expedition to search for the North West Passage because it would get you out of the office.
  • The only thing stopping you from forming your own end-of-times cult is deciding on a design for the jackets.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list. If you have any other ideas about how to tell if you need a vacation, we'd love to see them, so share them with the class. Next week, the kinds of vacations you can take. Until then, keep your pen on the page and your jacket designs tasteful.

Steve Sharam

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...when I realize that my job is just a slightly less visible hamster wheel and that I'm not actually getting anywhere no matter how hard or fast I work..

(true answer, of course it's a hamster wheel, you're supposed to be too busy to notice. Take a vacation so when you return, there's more crap on your plate to keep you busy!)

...when the kids (age 2.25) don't want to participate in whatever cute little photography pose I had in mind, and I realize my control over my reactions matches theirs...

(true answer, quit with the cutesy poses already, of COURSE they don't want to line all their freshly decorated eggs up in a row--they want to play with them and break them all, then take a bite of each one and throw the rest away!)

...when the clean shirts are still hanging in the laundry room four weeks after they were hung up, and DH walks back every morning to pick one out instead of taking them all back to his closet, and I wonder if I should explain to him that I don't have room to hang up new ones until the old ones are moved to the closet..

(true answer--carry the dang things to the closet yourself if you're out of room. Saying something isn't going to change anything--not his behavior and not your reaction.)

...when an article that's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek prompts a soul-searching reaction..

Ugh. I need a vacation.


The Trials Of Parenthood

..when an article that's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek prompts a soul-searching reaction..

At the end of the Winter, it happens;) Good suggestions. Anybody else? This time of year we should get some pretty seriously warped stuff:P

Steve Sharam

When you seriously consider

When you seriously consider selling the house because moving seems like less work than spring cleaning.

True that

Absolutely! I'd rather remove my own appendix with a spoon than move again. Last time we moved it had all the organization of the evacuation of Saigon:S

Steve Sharam

Doin' the Laundry...

Hey shris,
For the record, I do the laundry, not my wife. That being said: As long as DH takes one shirt per day, you should always have room to hang it back up the laundry room after you wash it again! Am I missing something?

Peace out!

Laundry room space

Hi Reese.

Your assumption of one out leaving room for the same shirt to come back in would be good, except that the hanging bar in the laundry room doesn't have enough space for ALL the shirts we have. That is, it's not as big as all the closet space (which barely has room for all the shirts itself).

So there has to be a certain bar-length of shirts that *isn't* in the laundry room in order for the laundry room to have space for more shirts.


Time for more training...

That was supposed to be sarcasm- I hope some of it came through. Never translates well, does it. Anyway, all I can say is that you need to keep at DH about moving his own shirts to the other closet. With patience on your part, we are trainable!

Good Luck,

hide the shirts

Hang them in goofy places around the house ... and then tell him if he finds them all and gets them in the closet in 10 mins or less he gets a prize!

((I'm totally not serious... my boyfriend of 8 years couldn't be persuaded to do anything. I thank the heavens that we never lived together... weekends with him at my place was SOOO enough ;P))

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The mysteries of laundry

...when the clean shirts are still hanging in the laundry room four weeks after they were hung up, and DH walks back every morning to pick one out instead of taking them all back to his closet, and I wonder if I should explain to him that I don't have room to hang up new ones until the old ones are moved to the closet..

Wow that's way too many shirts for one man, if "DH" can keep a month's supply in the laundry room and still have others elsewhere in the house. ;-) But there is clearly method in his madness. Why bother to take the shirts to the closet when they will only end up back in the laundry room RSN.

When I'm not slobbing out I need a clean shirt each day --- London is too dirty to try making the same clothes do a second day. My whole house would contain nothing but shirts if I had more than four weeks worth to chose from.

BTW, I too do the laundry but like most British homes ours doesn't have a separate room in which to store it ... so it has to hang around or be piled in one of several baskets until there is space in the wardrobes or dressing tables. There is a little respite when, as now, the weather changes and it is possible to hang the washing out ... but that only works for a few hours.

Too many shirts


Yes, I agree with you, we have too many shirts. I was tempted to remove some of the ones at the edges of his closet (the ones at the outside are least-worn in his system of use) and hide them in another closet to see if he'd need them later. Of course he would notice the extra elbow room, though, so I didn't.

We have, actually, three closets in our house that hold clothes. Each one is 36 inches wide, with a 24" door. DH gets one, I get one, and there's one for the kids' clothes and other schtuff.

There was more room for clothes when we used the wire hangers. I switched to plastic a couple of years ago to avoid rust when hanging damp items, and those are much bigger than the wire. I've been cutting down on my clothes ever since, in part because motherhood has totally destroyed my wardrobe. DH, though, has been the same size since he reached his adult height, so he's still got a few shirts he got in college, for sure. I am sorely tempted to throw out the ones with welding-ball holes in them, but he wears them when welding and when mowing the lawn, etc. Argh!


Wholly appropriate clothes

... throw out the ones with welding-ball holes in them, but he wears them when welding and when mowing the lawn, etc.

Ah yes clothes with holes in. Personally I throw those away myself. Wouldn't even wear them for gardening.

Many years ago I had boss who liked to dress down --- even for customer/sales visits. He turned up to meetings with a major international accountancy company wearing a tee-shirt with a six inch diameter hole in it. This was before "grunge" was fashionable. He simply didn't see any reason to conform to arbitrary dress codes. Oh yes, and we won the business.

I have to watch out for that

Meghan likes to throw out my older, more embarrassing clothes when I leave the house, which has forced me to take every item of clothing with me in a big bag when I leave the house, which is becoming rather inconvenient. Meghan insists that all this is unnecessary, if only I would buy some new clothes. Yeah, like that's going to happen:P

Steve Sharam


I hear you sister! And if only moms with small children could take a vacation... (or even get sick for a day.

Right now a bubble bath seems like a decadent amount of time.

And don't get me started on closets..

I like the matra I heard from one professional organizer. "You can not make love in a pigsty!" I shared this with my hubby on an index card pasted to his monitor, and decided to inspire dh to help me turn our bedroom into a five star hotel, so I can have that weekend away when the mood strikes.

I threw out the t-shirts with holes in them when he wasn't looking. Except for one "special" one. just because i love him...

Nice mantra.


I like it.
You cannot make love in a pigsty (unless you are a pig).
You cannot make good food in a pigsty (unless you like raw, muddy pig).
You cannot clean clothes in a pigsty.


Falling Down

Great pic. that movie just epitomizes the maddening frustration we can all feel. I loved it, although it's been a while since I've seen it.

Great article!

Yeah, no kidding

Yeah, that felt fairly descriptive of where most of us are now. Thanks, it's nice to know it makes people happy:)

Steve Sharam


You know you need a vacation when the first words uttered under your breath when you walk in every day is "I need a vacation"...

Also, when the twitch under the eye begins at thoughts of going into work.

oh and when you start dreaming you are at work ... yuh... that sucks... big time.

I do need a vacation. I have been saying that for at least a month. Just have to figure out when I will take it and what I will do with it... sad thing is I don't know what they will do without me. I'm the only one who takes the time to figure out anything with my stuff >.<

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today's sign

my printer tech never came back in so my baby is in pieces on the floor behind my chair... can't do work without a printer... >.< someone saveme.

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Well, you could try...

An older gentleman of my aquaintance took it upon himself to disassemble his own printer when it was not functional and then he used the telephone machine to communicate with his progeny, asking him to fix it because it wasn't working for some reason. That would be one approach:P

Steve Sharam

Identifying the Need

Another indicator of the need for a longer vacation is when you utter those words "why did I come back?".

Been there many times. Maybe I need a new job instead?


time for some thought

I think I need to re-evaluate where I am, where I want to be and then how to connect the two...

oh... off topic (because I'm the off-topic queen it seems)... go to my blog and see my first public piece of art :o) I would love feedback on it.

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You need a vacation when

-- While taking your rather ill spouse to the doctor's office, your six-year-old announces how fun it is that the whole family is going somewhere together.

-- Your most productive part of the day was scribbling a scene of your novel into a Moleskine while in a medical equipment waiting room.

-- You get irritated when a cashier opens a new checkout line because you were looking forward to the "down time" of standing in line.

(Can you tell I'm having a fun day)

Lisa PT


Sounds like you could use a good :huggle: and perhaps a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

Take care hun :)

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Things aren't real bad, just more interesting than I like.

Somedays, going to work sounds good...