Software choice for opening templates

I tried to open a template today and it asked for a software. What should I put in?

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Template Printing Software

Most of the templates are in PDF format, which is best read by the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. I'd advise using at least version 6.0. Version 7 is available as a free download at the Adobe site:

Note that there's plenty of advice about printing in the Handbook.

By the way, some of the templates in the Template Directory are not in PDF format. Read the descriptions carefully, and they should tell you what software you need.

Hope this helps!

all my best,

Sorry to be so slow at getting this . . .

... but I after I downloaded Acrobat 6 Reader, I still couldn't print the Classic (2 half pages on 1 sheet) thingie. It just hangs up on "pause and resume". What am I doing wrong?


Printing "pause and resume"

That sounds like it might be your printer not responding (which has nothing to do with Acrobat Reader). You get some sort of "print manager" popping up for your job, but it doesn't seem to go any further? If so, try printing from other applications, and see if that works. If not, then make sure the printer is on and that all connections are firm: it might be a loose wire. In your print manager should be a "Help" button or menu item: please select that and follow the prompts --it should help you troubleshoot most potential problems.

all my best,

Progress . . .

Well, I got the Contact Log to print so I'm making progress. Thanks for your help!